Roman Blinds: Give a Much Warmer and Softer Feel to the Room


As much as I love having completely bare windows and enjoy the sight outside my home, at some point I need to think about shades and window coverings because you know: privacy!
That’s the downside of having large windows covering a side from the floors to the ceiling; they allow everything to be on display and if you have neighbours facing your room, then you’re in quite the trouble.

Moreover, if you don’t have an appealing view from those windows the effect on your interior design will be even worse. Imagine your perfectly modern design decorated to perfection and the view from those perfect large windows is a some type of swamp with nothing green and no order in the landscape whatsoever? God forbid. The point is, as much as you don’t like the idea or you simply think they won’t fit in your room’s design, blinds are a necessity for more than simply a sun protection. They can wrap the room’s appearance and give it a warm, cosy look.
That being said, it won’t do you any harm to look through the Roman blinds for sale actions and choose your window coverings. Here’s how.

Size and fabric

Consider how you’ll place your blinds; will you fit them inside the window recess or outside the recess? You need to have that in mind when you look through the vast offer of Roman blinds for sale because you’ll face all kinds of samples and your mind will be blown away. Concentrate on what your windows need and what will best suit your available measurements. Also, consider the weight of the fabric. The blinds shouldn’t be too hard to operate with, which means the fabric used for them shouldn’t be too heavy.

Design and Style

You can choose a completely simple look for your blinds; monocoloured fabric for the ultimate sophistication and elegance. Or, you can go with something designer; there are many designer collections of blind fabric which can perfectly fit an otherwise modern and fancy room ambiance. However, make sure you don’t overcrowd the room with too much colours and patterns. Also, consider the room; in bedrooms and bathrooms you should opt for simpler designs as you want calmness and a chilling atmosphere there, whereas in living and dining rooms you can go a little wild with the choice.

Location and Light

Not every room needs Roman blinds. If the room faces a northern side where the sun isn’t that much strong, you don’t need to deprive it from natural light. Also, consider the amount of light you need going through your blinds. If you need a complete blackout, then go for Roman blinds made with fabric in black colour. The lining also matters from this aspect – a standard light lining will be more suitable if you want a lighter ambiance, whereas a darker one would contribute to a more luxurious look of your window coverings.