Up Your Sex Game: Role Play Ideas for a Steamy Night


It has been a terrible week. Everything that could have gone wrong actually did. You were stuck with deadlines at the office, you had a fight with your brother, and you had to cancel your long-anticipated plans with your friends. And to top all that, even your boyfriend had some hard time lately too, so you have been short with each other and started fighting over nothing. Every little thing drives you crazy, and now when the time has finally come for you to leave work and go home, you fly out the door like a tornado. You get home, feeling quite ready to take a nap in your comfortable bed, and then you see your boyfriend standing tall, all dressed up in a sexy cop’s suit. Instead of saying the usual “Hi”, he exclaims passionately – You are under arrest! And suddenly, your whole day gets better, and everything starts to fall back into place…

Role-playing is generally for couples that are going through a period when they suspect they might have lost their sexual spark, and are in need of a sexual recharge. However, even if that’s not the case, you can still give it a try, just for the fun of it. The whole process is quite simple. All you need to do is decide which roles make you both most comfortable, purchase a few men’s and womens sexy dress up lingerie, and get ready to act it all out.

What follows are a few inspirational ideas that can get you in the mood.

Play Professor and Student

This is a fantasy scenario that many have thought of, but not everyone is willing to say it out loud. Well, your partner would probably love to hear all about it and be happy to oblige. What you need to do is get him dressed up in a suit, and you will look just irresistibly sexy in a womens sexy dress up lingerie that consists of a pleated skirt, a tie and of course, no additional underwear. Play out the situation as you see most fit, have fun with it, make it last and once you reach your peak take it to the bedroom and finish the night properly. (wink, wink)

Play Cop and Criminal

Here you can change your roles quite easily. First, one can be the dominant strict cop, and the other the criminal who is here to please the cop in order to avoid a fine. Got in the mood already? All you need is your men’s and womens sexy dress up cop suit and you can get as strict, and as violent as you wish to be. Both of you are in control of how far you want to go.

Play the Sexy Stripper

What makes strip clubs different than your own private home show is the notion that you know the person that is dancing, and you know where all of this is going – straight to the bedroom (or any other room for that matter). Most often in these scenarios, the girl is expected to do the dancing (or opt for the other way around). Regardless of your choice, put on some layers that you will later take off, and finish with a piece of clothing that will make your partner start drooling over you.

Play First Time Encounter

This type of role play can start outside your home. You can go to a bar and act as if you don’t know each other, and start a basic conversation. Turn it into a seamy “one-night-stand” and have fun while pretending that you are spending the night with a stranger.