Shirts are The Staples in Men’s Wardrobes: Here’s How to Choose

mens corporate shirts

While it’s usually women who get the praises for outfits, men’s outfits deserve them too. Yes, they may not seem that versatile, since there aren’t many accessories to use as in the case with women, but it takes skill to achieve the versatility and that itself is worthy of admiration.

Accessories or not, men can always rely on shirts to get a variety of looks, and the best part of it all is some can be used in both formal and informal occasions. An example would be the use of mens corporate shirts, the uniform staples, that are equally suitable for the retail and hospitality environments.

The Campbell shirt is the perfect choice for the three, and if it’s great for different work places, who’s to say it’s not for different casual events too right? If you’re looking for a more casual tone, then the short-sleeved Campbell will do.

campbell corporate shirt

Other mens corporate shirts that are great for numerous work environments are the check and the Smith Oxford shirts. The fact they are used in many businesses tells us they can be styled with a number of pants, knitwear, shoes, and accessories both work and non-work related (e.g. aprons, ties), which makes them must-have even if you don’t require them as part of your work uniform.

smith oxford shirt

What makes them the desired options, and it’s not to do with their flawless tailoring, is the choice of materials, like the comfortable and lightweight combination of cotton and polyester, or merely cotton, meaning they are the ideal pieces no matter the season, easy to wash and care for.

Another must-have, the well-known Hugo Boss Jilias shirt for its slim-fit, cufflinks, and no sagginess goes well with suits and bow-ties for the more formal events but it’s not to say you can’t wear it every day either, with your favourite jeans and blazers.

If you’re willing to buy the luxurious formal dress shirt specified for formal events instead of relying on business shirts all the time, let it be one of Tom Ford’s shirts, such as the wing-collared bib-front, or the slim-fit midnight-blue.

Though cotton makes the all-time favourite, the scorching days of summer might make you think otherwise. Instead of giving up wearing shirts outside of work during this time of the year, it’s advisable to choose ones that are made of linen. You’d be surprised at how much you’d be feeling cool wearing linen shirts.

Formal, corporate, smart casual, it’s all about the shirt!