If you are looking to find some great roller skates Canberra retailers but don’t know what roller skates are right for you – keep reading. It seems like in the world of roller skating there are a lot of words that only those who have been roller skating for a while understand. Well, I’m here to clarify all that for you and narrow you list down to the two main types of roller skates available these days.

The first type of skates, featuring two wheels in the front and another two in the back are known as quad roller skates, whereas the second type – with all the wheels in one line are called inline skates. Now if you are new to roller skating you might not be sure which ones are best for you, below we’ll discuss the differences between both hopefully making your choice easier.


Before we go into depth as to what the differences are first you need to understand the different skating styles. By skating style, we mean that you need to figure out what it is you want to get out of roller skating. Do you want speed? If so then you should be looking at speed roller skates, but those same skates would be absolutely hopeless if you want to play rink hockey. If you want to dance with skates then you will need something that is free at the ankle but you can’t do anything risky on those skates without looking forward to a trip to the emergency ward. Some of the questions you should ask yourself include where do you want to skate? Indoors, outdoors, maybe both. Are you someone who is looking to enter in competitions? Or just take up roller skating as a hobby? These are all valid questions you are best asking yourself before you go and purchase roller skates.

Now when it comes to choosing your own, you should know the differences between what you can do in which skates. If you are someone who wants to be leaping over ramps or grinding on metal bars and doing tricks, then you are someone who needs inline skates. If you are looking to start playing indoor hockey then you can use both inline or quad skates, this all comes down to what your personal preference may be. One aspect of quad roller skates is that they are easier to move when you compare them to inline skates – this is because they have a steering ability that inline skates don’t. You, of course, can change this but not without making your inline skates unstable. If you want to perform tricks, stunts or reach great speed then you should probably go for inline skates. If you want to move and dance then you should choose quad roller skates.

Whatever your reasons may be, roller skating is a great hobby to take up. It keeps you fit and healthy all while being fun. This is also something that anyone can do, you can get the whole family together and go skating, it is a great way to get them out of the house and outdoors. Skating can be enjoyed as a hobby or as a sport, either way it is something that so many people enjoy. Hopefully, after you read this reading this article, you’ll know what kind of roller skates you should be investing in. You can easily find roller skates Canberra retailers by doing a quick search online, better yet, you can purchase them straight from the web. There are so many different models you can browse, compare prices, and once you find something you like purchase all with the click of a button. What are you waiting for? Try roller skating today.