Some BMX Accessories That Can Completely Change Your Bike

Accessories for BMX

There are a few accessories that are always mentioned as essentials when biking is brought up, and they are always in the category of safety gear, like the helmet, the pads the gloves and so on. But discounting the gear that the rider himself should wear, have you wondered what are some of the more important items your bike should have?

One of the most frequently changed accessories for BMX bikes are the handgrips. This mostly comes as a result of how big of a role they play while you are cycling, and how much friction is applied simply from you hanging on to them. If you don’t take your bike out all that often, then they will last you a bit longer, but if you do take it out at least a few times a week, you will start to notice how worn out the material seems to get in a very short period of time. Luckily, there are many different handgrips you can choose from for just about any bike that are made out of different, more durable materials than your standard ones, which can also give you a much better grip.

Pedals BMX
Still staying on the topic of getting a good grip, but this time for your feet, the pedals are another one of the accessories for BMX bikes that you can get which are very useful. Much like the handgrips, they also wear out pretty fast and need to be replaced as frequently as possible. When choosing, avoid the flashier ones and focus purely on whether or not they seem like they can handle some punishment and can last you a while. Though there is nothing that says you can’t get pedals that you like the look of, just make sure that they are as durable as they are pretty.

bmx accessory sticker
And finally, as the final pick for most useful BMX accessories, I would have to say – the stickers (before you click away, please let me explain). While the stickers aren’t likely to end up on any other list of essential bike accessories, I think they serve a pretty important role in you trying to keep your bike in the best shape possible. Simply put, they have a sort of psychological effect where since you’ve gone to the trouble to decorate and personalize your bike, you become a bit less likely to crash it by driving recklessly and ruining it in the process. While this may not work all of the time, I would argue that anything that might even simply make you consider riding a bit more safely is a great addition to any bike.