Stop Body Odour with a Natural Deodorant


The skin is one of the largest organs on your body and can absorb everything that’s applied on it. So, it’s no wonder why people pay attention to the ingredients when buying a shower gel, lotion or other skincare products. And in trying to keep their skin and body healthy and free from toxins, a lot of people have ditched deodorants completely. Since they are powerful products that are applied to your underarms, lots of chemicals and harmful ingredients can get into your skin. However, you shouldn’t give up on deodorants completely when there are gentle and natural alternatives available.

The Difference Between Deodorant & Antiperspirant

First things, first – deodorants and antiperspirants are not the same things. Deodorants block body odour without stopping you from sweating. Usually, these products contain natural fragrances and some other ingredients which can fight the bacteria that reproduce in the presence of sweat.

Antiperspirants, on the other hand, contain aluminium who has the purpose of blocking sweat glands and preventing sweating. By using antiperspirants, the bacteria on the top layer of your skin can never get in touch with sweat and create odour.


Is Organic Deodorant Better for You?

Made from only natural and safe ingredients, a gentle organic deodorant with a pleasant scent is a far better choice than any mass-produced antiperspirants. What’s more, this deodorant will still allow your body to produce sweat, which is essential. Not only does sweating help in regulating body temperature, but it also helps to get rid of toxins. That being said, the natural organic deodorant does its job by keeping odour at bay while allowing your body to sweat the way it should.

Now, a thing worth mentioning is that antiperspirants have a bad reputation because of their aluminium content. However, besides preventing you from sweating, aluminium can have far worse consequences. In fact, there some serious illnesses associated with the use of aluminium antiperspirants.


One such illness is breast cancer. This theory came up because it was found that aluminium can get into the bloodstream, causing chaos in breast cells that can eventually mutate into cancer. A study has also found that use of aluminium-based products is related to Alzheimer’s disease. This study dates back from 1965 when some scientists found that rabbits injected with extremely doses of aluminium developed twisted fibres of tau proteins. These proteins have the ability to build up in brain cells, causing them to deteriorate and can even lead to cancer.

However, none of these theories has been proven as 100% certain, which can be a relief, especially for all those of you who have been using aluminium-based antiperspirants for a long time. But still, the use of these products is harmful, as they stop sweating, which is why natural deodorants are a healthier option.

Some Other Benefits of Using Natural Deodorants

And while you can make your own homemade natural deodorant with the help of essential oils which have many uses, the truth is that it won’t last long and might not be as effective. On top of that, you might make a mistake and end up with an unwanted reaction, especially when using essential oils. If not mixed properly with a carrier oil, they can irritate or even burn your skin.


By using natural deodorants, you’ll surely reduce the chances of skin irritations which can happen from aluminium and some other antiperspirant ingredients. Deodorants made with natural ingredients like witch hazel and chamomile, it can smooth and soothe any skin irritations even those caused by a razor.

When making the switch, it’s important to go ‘au naturale’ for a few days to let your skin take a break from everything. This way, your skin can get used to better to the new deodorant. In the meantime, you can wash your armpits frequently or use a small amount of essential oil during the switch. Just remember, mixing it with a carrier oil is a must.

Where Can I Buy Organic Deodorant?

The ideal place to buy natural products of any kind is from certified stores and pharmacies which carry products that have been certified as organic and natural. However, lots of brands are available on the market, containing different active ingredients, which explains the reason why you should carefully make your choice. Considering factors like the manufacturer, ingredients and reading product reviews should be the first things to have in mind when choosing a natural ‘deo’. Just keep in mind that every skin is different, so it might take trying several products before finding the best one.


Can Natural Deodorant Darken Underarms?

That’s the beauty in it. Unlike antiperspirants and synthetic deodorants which can irritate the skin and lead to a thickening layer on the skin which will get darker after a while, natural and organic deodorants won’t darken your underarms. That is because they don’t have aluminium as an active ingredient, which is just another reason why you should make the switch.