The Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs at Work


If you spend almost eight hours sitting at work each day, you must share a good working relationship with your chair. If not, your neck, back and hips will suffer the consequences. In such working environments, an office ergonomic chair is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. For utmost comfort while working in an office, it’s would be also beneficial to choose proper ergonomic wrist support, an ergonomic computer desk, and an ergonomic mouse. For now, let’s pay more attention to the ergonomic office chairs and the benefits they provide.

two ladies sitting on ergonomic office chairs at the office

What Is an Ergonomic Chair?

An ergonomic chair is a chair designed to best support the human body to sit comfortably for long periods of time while working. Office chairs are classified as ergonomic when they have an adjustable seat height, seat depth and lumbar support. So, an ‘adjustable chair’ is the one to which you can adjust its height so that your legs are perpendicular to the floor. The seat pan should also be adjustable so that you can sit in it comfortably. In addition, proper lumbar support provides ample support for the lower back, helping you maintain proper posture.

What Are the Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs?

Promotes Proper Posture

The most important change that you will feel by buying a comfortable and adjustable office ergonomic chair is that it will reduce your back pain. Ergonomic chairs are designed to support your natural posture and to reduce stressful forces on your body. When having a proper posture, your body stays aligned, so you experience less discomfort and pain.

The chair backs are usually full length extending from your shoulders to the seat. The backrests should be tall enough to support your entire spine. Usually, there’s also a section in the lower part of the back that curves slightly forward so it can match the natural curve in your lumbar spine (which is often referred to as lumbar support). In addition, these chairs most often have armrests to support your elbow and forearms. This is useful because it allows you to use your mouse and keyboard without causing muscle fatigue in the shoulders and arms.

people having meeting at the office while sitting on ergonomic office chairs

Relieves Hips Pressure

A normal chair that has a hard surface can put unnecessary pressure on your hips. However, an ergonomic chair has sufficient padding and depth to help support the hips and reduce this stress and pressure. Ideally, the chair should have a seat depth of 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) when measuring from the back of your knees.

Increases Productivity

The right office chair can significantly impact your life or the lives of your employees. Happy and healthy employees are less likely to be distracted and less likely to suffer from aches and pains which may cause frequent absences. As a result, working on ergonomic office chairs has been reported to increase productivity and work quality. Productivity is tightly related to focus and concentration, but you can’t do your best if you are in pain.

Offers Flexibility

The office furniture you have needs to be flexible enough to meet all your needs in the office. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, investing in furniture that can be adjusted to the specifications of each individual can help keep everyone in the office comfortable and focused on their tasks. Adjusting the seat height is important as it enables you to sit with your feet flat on the floor, and with your hips and knees flexed to approximately ninety degrees. There are also various quality office chair mats from different brands that you may find useful as you will be constantly rolling your chair.

girl sitting on an ergonomic office chair while reading a book

Improves Comfort

There’s no doubt that many ergonomic chairs are made with higher quality materials than some budget office chairs. The seat cushions and the back cushions may be thicker or even contoured to improve the fit. The additional lumbar support that some ergonomic chairs have also contributes to the comfort they provide. The key to comfort is the ability to adjust as many parts of these chairs as possible.

Improves Blood Circulation

As ergonomic chairs seats can be adjusted to a 90-degree angle, they can improve your blood flow. When sitting in such a position, you allow proper circulation in the legs. Good circulation prevents your legs from going numb and swelling. Also, crossing your legs when sitting is not a good idea as you might slow down the circulation in your lower body. Instead, make a habit of sitting in a position that is better for circulation. For instance, sit with your legs spaced slightly apart, or elevate your legs.