The Essential Packing List for a Safe and Comfortable Camping Trip

camping tent

We’ve almost made it through the winter, which means that the long awaited spring camping trips are just around the corner. And until the weather becomes just the right amount of warm, you have plenty of time to properly prepare yourself for your upcoming outdoor adventures. Of course, the list of camping gear you need will vary depending on the location you’ve chosen, the length of the trip and the type of activities you’ve planned. However, there are certain essential camping supplies you cannot go without, as your overall enjoyment and safety fully depend on them.


A Tent

Of course, shelter should be a priority on your list of camping supplies. For everyone that doesn’t own an RV, a tent is the obvious solution. Depending on the materials they’re made of, most tents come in two types: three-season and four-season. Three-season tents are perfect for any time of the year, other than winter. On the other hand, four-season tents have enough insulation to get you through the cold and heavy snowdrifts. If you plan to take a short, backpacking trip, make sure to pick an ultralight tent which will be easy to carry around.

sleeping bag

Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Pads

The rocky ground is no replacement for your comfy bed, so you’ll need to bring a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad if you want to sleep as safely and comfortably as possible. Similar to tents, different sleeping bags are designed for different times of the year. Most sleeping bags are suitable for temperatures ranging from 10ºC to 35ºC, however, there are some models designed for summer use (35ºC +), and some for winter (10ºC and lower). Besides a sleeping bag, you’ll feel much more comfortable when also using an air-filled sleeping pad.



Spoiler alert: It’s dark in the woods. If you want to be able to function at night, you’ll need more than the glow of the campfire. Today, there’s a variety of lights specifically designed for outdoor use. LED flashlights and headlamps are great for backpacking and extremely convenient as you can carry them around with you if you want to have a nightly hike. Lanterns are surprisingly useful when you’re trying to set up your tent in the dark. Just make sure to bring extra batteries for your lights, or a charger if they are rechargeable, before you head off.

first aid kit camping

First Aid Kit

You haven’t been camping if you don’t come back with bruises, scratches and cuts. Obviously, having a first aid kit to treat any injuries is a must when you’re out in the wilderness, far away from the nearest drug store. You can purchase a pre-packed kit, or make one yourself. Some of the must-have items include antibacterial and antiseptic lotion, gauze pads, bandages, medical adhesive tapes, small scissors, tweezers and safety pins. Pain-relievers such as aspirin and ibuprofen, allergy medication, and aloe vera ointment for burns and injuries are things that need to be included in every first aid kit.