Tattoos existed even thousands of years ago. The ancient people used tattoos to mark their bodies. Right from those days tattoos were permanent designs and one can understand the significance of tattoo from the various tattoo designs and meanings. People in the past used tattoo as symbol of their status, expression of love, symbol of religious beliefs, body adornment and as a method of punishment. The history of tattoo is more than 5000 years old. The tattoos that were found on several female Egyptian mummies are perhaps the earliest known examples of tattoos. The unique tattoo ideas of ancient times reveal that the dots and crosses on the lower spine, ankle joints and knees were meant to get relief from joint pain. Hence it is obvious that the ancient people had various tattoo ideas that they were also using for treatments of various ailments.


Tattoos With Meaning

Since tattoos were distributed on all parts of the body including parts that are difficult to keep uncovered, it is obvious that the tattoos were not always status symbols but were also having therapeutic purposes. The tattoos are permanent etchings on the body and the tattoo on the body of a person reveals his identity as well as beliefs. In meaningful tattoo ideas, a particular symbol is drawn as a tattoo so that the meaning of that symbol is the meaning of the tattoo also. Lovers get the picture of heart and name of the lover etched on their body as expressions of their deep love. Various religious symbols like Cross, Swastika, Crescent and Ying-Yan are also used in meaningful tattoo ideas. Those who want to get the tattoos of animals, birds, insects or flowers inked on their body can opt for cool tattoo ideas.

Different Types With Different Purposes

The small tattoos also symbolize deep beliefs. The tattoos that are made according to cool tattoo ideas are cute and subtle and they may not remain on the body permanently. The cool tattoos are drawn using black ink. Those who are particular of unique tattoo ideas can take the help of a tattoo artist. Unique tattoo ideas can be created according to one’s own imagination and according to the ideas, the tattoos can be designed. The tattoo artists can provide the best ideas for unique tattoos. From the fashion blogs, animations and art galleries one can get inspirations to create designs for the tattoos. Meaningful tattoo ideas were very common among the Greeks. The Romans used tattoos to identify slaves and criminals. In Japan, girls were tattooed when they attained puberty.


Modern Tattoos

In the US, modern tattoos were introduced in New York City. The designs of modern tattoos are also influenced by the meaningful tattoo ideas. In music troops, the members are having the same tattoo. The concept of meaningful tattoo ideas contributed towards popularizing the art and as a result the art of tattoo making is flourishing in the modern society. Cool tattoo ideas are formed according to the taste and preferences of the users. When people view the tattoo on the body of a person, they react in different ways. A person who is fond of lions may appreciate the tattoo of a lion whereas another may get offended by seeing the tattoo of a man-eater. In general the tattoo is the symbol of the personality of the person.

Tattoo Designs

The tattoo designs and meanings are closely related to the personality and attitude of the person. One can choose a big or a small tattoo and the designs can be of animals, birds, insects, flowers, symbols, etc. While choosing the tattoo design, one should ensure that it suits his personality as well as body.