The World of Dog Mats & Beds: The Best Sleep Your Dog Can Have


Just as we humans are in need of a soft and supporting sleeping spot, our furry little four-legged friends pursue the same, except they need someone to help them along the way. That being said, there are two main choices to consider: mats and beds. Both of these come in many different forms, so let’s explore.


Unfortunately, there are no standard dog bed sizes and even if a manufacturer has stated that a certain bed or mat is meant for a specific type of breed, there’s no guarantee that your dog will fit perfectly in it. Some dogs, although being of the same breed, can be quite bigger and heavier or sometimes smaller, which is why you should measure your furry companion before buying a dog mat or bed. This should be done from the snout and all the way to the base of the tail and then just add about 5cm so your dog can have enough room to stretch comfortably.


Comfort and durability are going to depend on the type of filling as well as the cover material which together should make a soft base when it comes to puppies and a more solid one if you have an adult dog. Fillers used in dog beds are usually polyfill or memory foam but sometimes regular foam is used too, while orthopedic dog beds use an egg crate foam. All the materials used to make a dog mat or bed should be toxins-free.

Non-Slip Base

This neat little feature will allow you to put the bed wherever you want without having to worry if it’s going to slip around, which is important when you want your dog to get used to sleeping in it and not your bed.

Chewing & Sleeping Behaviour

Taking the time to monitor the way in which your dog sleeps most of the time and whether it changes positions frequently can be quite useful. For dogs that sleep in a flat out position, it is recommended to get a rectangular bed and for the curlers, a round dog bed will do just fine. If your dog loves resting its head on an elevated surface, go with beds that have high sides.

If your dog is a heavy chewer you might want to consider getting a dog mat made out of a more rigid material like taut. While there is no material that could survive the constant attack of your dog’s teeth, at least you will have one that won’t end up in the bin two weeks later. If you plan on getting an elevated dog bed make sure the feet are made of steel.


Apart from providing comfort and warmth, these dog products can help eliminate pressure points which can be especially useful if your dog has arthritis or a different type of musculoskeletal issue. In some cases a thin coated, old dog is going to need additional warmth, so make sure you know everything there is to know about your dog in order to satisfy its needs best.

The Different Types

Pillow Style

This is the simplest and most easily accessible dog bed since it is basically a circular, bigger sized pillow filled with cotton, polyester or foam inserts. The simple design makes them the perfect lounging spot which can also be used as accessories in kennels and dog houses but this also means no orthopedic support.

Kennel Beds

If you wish to put a bed in your dog’s kennel that won’t be a difficult task as there are beds that adhere the standard size of a pet kennel or crate and some are even made to fit in a carrier. Kennel beds are usually made by the same manufacturer that makes dog kennels, carriers and crates.

Raised Beds

This type of beds are very similar to cot beds. They are made to protect your pet from the cold floor, but also allows air to circulate in and out the bed as to keep your dog cool in the hot summer days.

Mats & Pads

Dog mat and pads can provide your pet with a comfortable cushioning. In addition, they can be easily stored away when not needed. An important thing you ought to know is that these aren’t elevated. That feature can be beneficial if you have a small dog or if your pet has a hard time climbing elevated surfaces this solution is going to be ideal.

Orthopedic Beds

These beds are the best you can get for your senior dog or if your dog needs to have its body supported or some pressure relieved from its joints. Sick dogs and dogs with arthritis can also benefit from this type of bed.


For a dog that loves to rest its head on a pillow or anything that can elevate it, a nest bed can be the perfect solution, since they come with either a bolstered or raised edge along the perimeter of the bed or just a small area.


This is a special type of a nest bed that is circular in shape and has raised edges surrounding the whole bed without an option to have only one portion of it covered. If your dog is a curler, this is the bed you ought to get.


With an elevated dog bed that can be drenched in water, your dog will get the most comfortable lounging spot by the pool. Outdoor beds are usually made of nylon in order to provide enough airflow so your canine can stay cool, and dries out quickly too with some of them having a canopy to provide some shade as well.