Tote Bag: the Style That Fits the City Girl on the Go’s Needs


The relationship I have with my tote bags is somehow “too deep” to be considered normal. At least to my boyfriend. I can understand him though, he’s a man and such a profound love towards a soulless object is just plain silly. But, to all the girls out there, I know you hear me ladies: that love is worth every dollar, every fight and every tear of sweat spent in the ruthless crowds when sales hit the stores. It’s the tote bag – a bag we rely upon when in our casual, classy, sporty and even messy vision.

I think it’s free to give myself the right to claim this: every woman that considers herself part of the 21st century urban society, should own at least one of the vast range of styles of girls tote bags. That’s right, there are numerous styles of tote bags, as this baby is just as versatile as your current mood and outfit choice.

The cotton tote

girls tote bags

We’re talking about something that’s also known as muslin, calico, gauze and cheesecloth. This isn’t pure cotton (and it shouldn’t be, after all this is a bag, not a shirt), but a blend made of not fully processed cotton and some additions for making it look sturdier. The cotton tote is the type of girls tote bags you’d wear when you’re in your casual mood, with sandals or sneakers and loose clothing like an everyday dress, a combo of short jeans and a white shirt. It can vary in its size, but you know it: the bigger, the better.

The straw basket tote

girl tote bags

When you say summer and the beach, I say a swimming suit and a straw basket tote filled with sunscreens. And other essentials, of course. Point is, a straw basket bag is a very versatile tote. Although fashionably designed mainly for the beach, you can always rely on it to cover you when you need to hit the city for a quick errand-run. Combined with a maxi dress and flats, this bag is a summer winner.

The timeless luxury

girls tote bags

This is the tote you have your intimate connection with. The one you take special care of and keep it in a special place in your closet. It’s made of leather, or leather-like material and it has a sturdy construction accompanied by strong handles. Ah, this tote is your ultimate elegance attribute. When you have a dinner-date, a wine night with the girlfriends in the club, or just when you need to look fancy and make a statement, this tote has got you covered. Don’t forget: this one goes with high heels and nothing less. Don’t reduce the luxury of the material by combining it with something like sneakers or ballet shoes.

Now that you know the three major tote groups, it’s the right moment to complement your handbag collection. A tote bag is never just pointless waste of money, so don’t let anyone fool you on this one. Girl Power!