Tote: Powerful and Chic Bag That Will Revolutionize Your Look


You know how the handbag is a woman’s holly accessory? And how among the many shapes, colours and styles, the tote holds a highly respectable place in every woman’s closet? Ladies, summer is on the doorstep and you know what that means: getting out of the layered clothing shell and enriching your entire clothing and accessories arsenal! Speaking of which, a new tote should definitely be among your top priorities, because the tote you wore during the dark and cold winter days won’t serve your style now. So, right in the dawn of a long and hot summer, the most important question arises: what will be the IT bag this upcoming season? And more importantly, how will you use it to revolutionize your style?

The trick with this question is that there’s never one concise and strict answer that will solve all your dilemmas and make you head to the store or order your womans tote bags online. There isn’t any simply because we all have different styles and preferences and thus, different needs. However, there are a few things we all consider when we look through womens tote bags online offers: design, straps and colour scheme. And this season, you should pay attention to a few important details. Let’s take a look.

What does ‘fancy design’ refer to this season?
Everything that’s not too big. Whether it’s a pure rectangular shape or an irregular quadrilateral, everything is IN for a tote. You may want to skip the extra large bags, because they simply don’t go well with summer outfits that consist of shorts and a crop top. A large tote on your shoulder would hide all the clothes you have on you and make you look like you’re walking naked. Go for the mid-sized ones. That way you won’t be compromising your own look, and you’ll still have enough place for your stuff to call it a functional handbag.


Material is another aspect of the fancy design. Crochet is especially fancy in summer as it reminds much of the beach. There are amazing examples of crochet womans tote bags online that can serve the purpose of enhancing a summer outfit for a city walk as well. You can choose leather too, but leather requires very careful picking of clothes and especially colours, as you don’t want to risk looking tasteless.

How many straps?
Obviously, the two basic, strong, durable handles in a tote are an absolute must. Additionally, this season we’ll be seeing a lot of over the shoulder designs, which include one long strap that can be attached on the both sides of the bag and allow you to carry it over the shoulder. Since this is already a huge trend around the world, it’s worth knowing all the ways you can pull it off:

  • Tote crossbody – you’d be wearing it across your body, filling it with everything you need to get through an entire day, if of course, the bag is large enough.
  • On one shoulder only – some women like wearing the tote over one shoulder only. Similar like when you used to wear your school bag over one shoulder only because it was easier and looked much fancier.
  • Classic tote – simple and elegant, for which of course, you need some really strong handles.


The colour that catches the eye
Don’t get me wrong here; every colour catches the eye, if you know how to make it so. Think of it this way: if you’re wearing a bold, red dress and you choose a tote in the same red, no one in the 50 metres radius will notice the bag. Not to talk about further distance. This basically means that you have no knowledge in how to utilize colours to enhance your look. Instead, try it like this: determine if your clothing pieces are more colourful or mono-coloured. If you have more colourful pieces, you’d like to choose something without patterns to combine with most of them. If the opposite case, then you can experiment with something fun, like geometric designs and colourful expressions. Point is, the bag should make your outfit stand out and grab attention; that’s why we call it a holly piece of accessory, right?