A List of the Types of Boots Every Woman Should Own

woman wearing boots

Winter is just around the corner which means it’s time to warm up your feet in a cosy pair of boots. But with so many female boots for sale available both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, how do you pick the best ones for you? Besides being oh-so-cosy, boots can also make a monotonous outfit look more unique. Here are the ultimate must have ladies boots to wear this winter.

Anke boots or over-the-ankle boots

woman wearing ankle boots

source: @eccoshoes

These are definitely the most popular female boots for sale on the market and can be seen on the photos of fashionistas all around the world. When paired with the right pieces of clothing, ankle boots can be a real statement-maker. If you are not sure what to wear with boots ladies, don’t worry because this style works well with almost everything – from short skirts and dresses to skinny jeans and maxi dresses.

Pointy models are also a dominant trend that’s on the rise. Get yourself a cute pair of ankle pointy boots with sleek heels and you’ll see how they can instantly make you look more dolled up. Opt for a neutral colour so that you can wear them with various combinations. You can wear these pieces of footwear throughout the day with more casual wear or for nights out with friends. When it comes to the common materials they’re made of, suede, velvet and leather are all popular choices.

Over-the-ankle boots can be found in almost all top fashion collections. Whether they’re flat, with high-heels, or chunky heels, over-the-knee models are both practical and trendy. Reptile skin boots have seen a great surge in popularity and are a great way to show off your personal style.

Mid-calf boots

calf boots

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For ladies who prefer something higher than ankle boots, mid-calf models are a perfect choice. They are especially great for ladies who have calves that are preventing them from buying and wearing longer length boots. These boots are versatile and work perfectly well with a wide range of outfits, creating a stunning and classic appearance.

Moto and combat boots

combat boots outfit

source: thezoereport.com

Want to go cool or edgy? Then you should definitely try moto boots which are great for times when you want to go low heeled of flat. Boots with platforms or chunky heels are awesome because they give your legs more height. You can wear them with your favourite pair of slim pants or denim or with your favourite feminine dress. Boots with metal buckles can really make a statement. There are other models of moto boots with triple or more straps crossing over the ankle which can be a stunning addition to your boot collection. Choose a neutral colour or a black pair so that you can wear them with most of your outfits.

Over-the-knee boots

over the knee boots outfits

source: italist.com

If you want to add more drama and sexiness to your look, over-the-knee boots are your best pal. Not only do they look amazing but they will also make you look taller. They’re also great for chilly days as they will keep your feet warm and toasty. They come in a range of styles and heights and can be made from different materials and colours.

Snow boots

snow boots

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If you frequently travel to snowy areas, snow boots are a must-have. You want something that will keep your feet comfortable, warm and dry at all times and these are the perfect model for those times. Snow boots should be non-slippery so they can stop you from skidding over the snow or ice. Today there are so many styles of snow boots on the market and they are all far from boring. Choose a pair that you can wear with your regular outfits. Also, make sure they’re waterproof and have good soles. Leather models that look like regular boots are a quite good choice for snowy days.

Rain boots

rain boots

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In rainy weather, your raincoat, umbrella and rain boots are your best pals. For that very reason, make sure you choose boots that will keep your feet warm and dry. Rain boots are another essential pair of footwear that you should own. The great thing is, they come in various interesting styles and designs – from ankle boots to classic Wellington styles and ones that can pass as moto boots. Buy something different to add a pop of colour and style to your look when the weather is dark, wet and rainy.