Small Travel Bags Make Travel Fab!



When we think of travelling, we instantly imagine it as a fun experience: visiting far off places is a dream come true, isn’t it? Preparations, however, can turn into a painstaking task, replacing the fun with a headache. This mostly applies to packing. So why complicate it when you can simplify it, right? You will thank yourself later.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

You cannot grasp the full meaning of a single item unless you start travelling light. Each extra item only leads to one more problem. To give you an example of this so you can see the weight of the situation (in every sense of the word), a small bag means less items, no struggle with weight and faster way of travelling.

In the case of flying, instead of spending a lot on baggage fees, you get to save money and time as well. All of these mentioned points are especially essential during connecting flights, where you do not have sufficient amount of time in between. With a small bag, you do not have to worry about waiting in lines to get your baggage, and in terms of safety, the worry of losing your belongings is a thing of the past since they are always with you. Also, when you visit a new place, you can make your way around with ease.

At first you may find it a bit of a herculean task but do not let yourself be discouraged. Packing light is an art in itself, so it will take some time to master it. First and foremost, you have to find the bag that suits you. Lucky for you, they have become very trendy. You have lots of small travel bags to pick from, depending on the length of your trip and your preferences in style (be it a carry-on or a bag with more pockets).

The best choice would probably be the weekender bag. These small travel bags may be small in size but provide ample room for all your gone-on-vacation essentials. Available in different material (leather and PU leather are preferable), the weekender bags usually feature double top handles, long detachable shoulder strap, zip and slip pockets. When you have the “which travel bag to buy” matter settled, your next step is to start with the organisation of your bag space.

The enemy of small travel bags is the “just in case” notion, which gives you the constant impression that you will have use of some items when in reality you will not. The easiest solution would be for you to acquire an eye for clothing combinations and use certain pieces in many outfits. This, of course equals to less laundry to do in the end.

Worth to note, the only bad side of this fabulous way of travelling, is that as soon as you turn into a big fan of small bags, it can become quite addictive. Who’s to say you might not get inspired to apply this simplification in other areas of your life? It is the liberating feeling created that will keep you wanting to constantly upgrade your minimalist skills and change your life for the better.