Ways to Add a Floral Flair to Your Home

Floral flair at home

Floral designs have had their heyday multiple times across history, being commonly used to adorn home items like chairs and wallpaper as well as clothing. And they can still be seen in the exact same places today! That speaks volumes about their ability to withstand the test of time. If you’re ever caught wondering “Are florals in this year?”, the answer is always yes.

When considering floral motifs for the home, some people may feel intimidated. Even though they’re widespread, it can be difficult to pair these designs up with the rest of the elements in the interior. Going overboard is easy (we’re looking at you, 1980s!) if you’re not careful. And that completely beats the purpose, since you’re not getting a calm, stylish place, but something entirely the opposite.

Flowers are nature’s jewellery, an assortment of delicate decorations that add some colour and vivacity. And you should think of floral patterns the same way when incorporating them into your home.

The time of floral eyesores is over! We’re in a new minimalist era of home design now that’s way more subtle, but still highly stylish! So, here are a few ways you can bring floral flair into your home tastefully.

Wall Art Prints

Floral wall art prints
Source: pinterest.com.au/wallcorners

The first thing that pops into many people’s minds when the word “decor” is brought up, wall art has a special way of adding to the space without actually taking any space away. That’s why, when thinking of incorporating some florals into your home, wall art prints are a great choice. They can fit into every room of the house, sprucing it up immediately.

Just like the floral pattern itself, art has also always been “in”. Still, if you wanted a piece of good art for your wall way back when, you probably had to commission an artist and wait. Nowadays, ready-made, quality art prints are available to buy and hang in your house without any hassle at all. You can easily find an assortment of floral wall art prints at an attractive price in any well-stocked home decor store. From airy and delicate to over-the-top, colourful, and eye-catching, there is an art piece out there to fit everyone’s taste and interior design.

Depending on the decor style of your home, you can choose between a wide variety of art print styles – realistic or abstract; watercolour, sketch, oil painting or digital. Featuring close-up details or a whole flower arrangement. It’s all there. You can get a single piece or a set of multiple pieces to spread across the whole wall and create a gallery-like effect.

Floral wall art prints can also come framed or just stretched on a canvas. Opt for framed ones if you’re getting a singular piece, but skip the frame for the set. It will disrupt the flow you’re trying to introduce into your room. Whenever going for a framed piece, make sure that the frame’s design and materials match the look of the rest of the space. For instance, plastic frames might look good in a contemporary interior, but they definitely won’t fit in a traditional, rustic or vintage space.

No matter which design you choose, always make sure you get a high-quality print on a high-quality canvas. If you’re getting multiple singular paintings, ensure they follow similar styles and don’t clash. Florals are very effective, and as we said, can easily become too much for the eye and space alike.

However, this doesn’t mean that if you use floral wall prints your walls have to be plain and white. Patterns are a no-no, but a solid colour is just fine, especially if you’re trying to create an accent wall in your room. For instance, a black wall adorned with the soothing colours of florals is a great blend of the dramatic and the romantic.


Floral-patterned furniture
Source: sofasandstuff.com

No matter if it’s for decorating your living room or you’re planning on adding it to your kitchen or bedroom, floral-patterned furniture is an amazing idea. Being a staple in the 1950s when the floral couch was the pinnacle of home decor, this type of patterned furniture is still very much in style.

Most modern interior design styles dictate clean lines, neutral colours, natural elements, and a nice, vivid splash here and there. This splash can come in the form of a couch, dining room chairs, a settee, an armchair, a rug, and so on. Some people choose a solid contrasting colour to shake up the look of a room, but a floral pattern would work great for those who are a bit bolder.

Easy to plan around, your patterned furniture piece can serve as the perfect accent point. Starting from there, you can gather and add other decor items and remaining furniture in similar colours to complete a put-together, fun and tastefully vibrant space.

If you don’t want to buy completely new furniture, you can consider upholstering an existing piece. This way, you’ll breathe new life into an old piece and upgrade the look of the room it’s placed in without breaking the bank. Remodelling is all about being resourceful!


Floral curtain
Source: norwoodtextiles.co.uk

Everyone who’s seen “That ’80s Show” knows all about those floral curtains, tablecloths, and bed linens. Now, take all that and put a modern, more subtle twist to it. That’s what we have in mind when we think of floral linen for the home.

A popular design that’s easy to find, you can use floral linens to tie the different rooms together. Different variations of the same curtains for each room is one idea. Matching the tablecloth with sofa cushions of the same pattern is another.

There is a lot of room to play here, but there’s something you need to keep in mind. Because they’re so striking, floral patterns are accent pieces by nature. This means that having more than one or two in the same room may be a bit too much.

Still, there is an exception to this rule. If, for example, you choose curtains that are in a neutral colour and also have neutral, embroidered flower details on them, you’re free to add more pieces to match. The more subdued the pattern, the more of it you can have around.

Remember to always seek out quality-made, organic materials for your linens, like for instance bamboo, and make sure the prints are vivid. This way, you’ll get an item that both lasts longer and looks better.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flower arrangement
Source: darlingbedaring.com

Straight to the source itself! If you’re not into adding something permanent to your interior or if you just really love this whole floral idea, bringing some fresh flower arrangements inside is a simple way to play along.

Fresh flowers offer the diversity all the other items can’t really offer, not to mention the freshness and all the delightful smells. With proper care, bouquets can last you a couple of weeks, and potted plants can go well into forever. You can always buy new ones to replace those that had their time in the limelight and add more diverse potted species to your collections around the house.

This idea is not only for improving the looks, though. Having potted flowers around your home can actually boost your mood and even help improve air quality. They will also give you something to routinely take care of, representing a source of happiness and pride when they grow and thrive because of your care.

Natural flowers are an excellent accent piece, especially when paired with striking vases or pots. Play around with the types and colours and don’t be afraid to mix and match!

The only downside to this is that not every plant will thrive in every place. You may have a special spot you’d like a potted flower to reside at, but the conditions there might not work for that specific species. This can be surpassed by moving your potted plant elsewhere and placing a flower arrangement on the spot instead.

Nature can be tricky that way, but if you follow its lead, it will always give you back ten times what you gave it.

Final Thoughts

Floral wallpaper
Source: thearchitecturedesigns.com

It’s all about experimentation when it comes to adding patterns to your home, so try out different things before you settle. All of the ideas above can be combined with each other if you thread carefully. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, just as a reminder – there’s a thin line between stylish and tacky when it comes to working with florals. Make sure you’re on the right side.

Something we haven’t mentioned in this article are floral wallpapers. They are quite the eye-catching piece that’s easy to apply and give a room a special, creative look in an instant. There are a lot of resources out there with tips on using wallpapers in the home, so you can look around for some inspiration.

No matter what you decide to go with, always make sure you’re getting a quality item from a trusted vendor. No matter how pretty it looks, if it doesn’t last, it just ends up being a waste of your time and money. Save yourself the trouble and choose wisely.