What Makes Vinyl the Right Hospitality Flooring for Your Business

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In the service and hospitality industry, choosing the right flooring as well as the proper layout  is very important. There are a number of unique features that any type of flooring must meet in order to be the right fit for a specific location.

The style, colours and patterns you will choose should also suit the atmosphere of the space, while the material needs to support the expected level of traffic. Plus, the flooring should look good and be comfortable to walk on. If there is one flooring solution that ticks all these boxes and more without breaking the bank, it’s vinyl. Let’s see why.

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What Is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is functional and durable and comes in different designs. Even though there are different types of vinyl flooring like vinyl sheets, vinyl tiles and vinyl planks, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring is the most popular hospitality flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

LVT flooring comes in all sorts of designs and colours. However, the most popular option among business owners today, are wood-style tiles. Designers have created an aesthetic that is similar to actual wood flooring, but at more affordable prices, installation costs and maintenance requirements than actual wood. That is why LVT is more accessible to people who have limited budgets for their projects. It also comes in many other designs like stone and abstract patterns and can easily fit with all sorts of design aesthetics.

The major selling point of LVT flooring is its durability and long-lasting properties. It has different layers which make it so durable. That being said, LVT flooring is made out of vinyl backing, vinyl core, print film layer and a wear layer that is finished with a polyurethane coating that sometimes gets reinforced with crystal/glass bead, ceramic bead or aluminium oxide. However, the most important layer is the wear layer that gives LVT flooring’s durability and it protects the print layer from wear and tear.

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Unlike other hard floor options, LVT flooring requires very little maintenance and its built-in layer offers long-lasting protection against damage. That is why this type of flooring is less prone to scratches and damages. Furthermore, due to the wear layer that is finished with a polyurethane coating, LVT flooring is a lot easier to maintain than other floors. In order to get perfectly clean vinyl tiles, you just need to sweep and mop them every now and then. This flooring is a better option for companies that have a tight maintenance budget.

Another advantage of LVT flooring is acoustics. Unlike other floor options, this flooring is softer, has a silent underfoot and it has lower reverberation rate than wood or laminate.

Maintaining Vinyl Floors with Polyurethane Coating

Apart from luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), other vinyl floors are used in commercial environments as well. These floors are vinyl composite tiles (VCT) and vinyl sheets. However, even though they all require little-to-no maintenance, if you want these floors to last for years in commercial and industrial environments such as health care, retail, schools, restaurants and offices, they need to be properly maintained.

The traditional way of maintaining vinyl floors is with acrylic coating, commonly known as wax. However, wax is not a very long-lasting solution. Even when it is applied in areas with moderate traffic, this acrylic finish offers poor resistance to starching and scuffing. Because of this, wax coat flooring requires regular upkeep. In other words, the floors need to be re-coated every two or three months and after every three wax applications, they need to be stripped back down and re-coated again.

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That is why many companies have started manufacturing hospitality flooring coated with top-quality polyurethane that not only provides a better-looking finish but also creates a stronger barrier to prevent surface damage. Today, more and more offices, schools, hospitals and other premises use vinyl flooring coated with polyurethane because it lasts a lot longer than any other coating, even in areas with a lot of traffic. Another advantage of this type of flooring is that it requires lower costs of ongoing maintenance than wax coating.

Furthermore, this type of flooring combines high performance with optimum style and enables the transformation of any commercial environment thanks to its variety of vivid colours. Its broad-spectrum palette gives you an opportunity to create tonal, complementary and harmonious interior designs schemes. Also, it can provide a beautiful high-gloss, semi-gloss or matte finish that is extremely durable.

Also, vinyl flooring with polyurethane coating can be ideal for areas where contaminant spillages can occur as it is slip-resistant. That being said, this hospitality flooring can be perfect for circulation areas and corridors, dining areas and cafes, classrooms, hospital wards, clinics, laundry rooms. nursing homes, bar serveries, food preparation areas, kitchens, canteens, etc.