Wood Venetian Blinds: Design and Value in One


Looking for an elegant window treatment to complement your beautiful home décor? Then wood venetian blinds may be what you need. Wood venetian blinds are a simple yet sophisticated solution to window treatments that is very in trend now. Durable, practical and easy to care for, these blinds are a great option for any home.

Wood venetian blinds are window blinds that consist of thin slats of wood strung together with strings. A cord lowers and raises the blinds while a blind stick rotates them to adjust the light. Because the blinds can either be dropped or turned, this allows you to control the levels of privacy you want in the room.

Made out of various kinds of wood, that means they can fit just about any décor in a room – whether it is contemporary, modern, Edwardian, Victorian, or country style. Plus, wood venetian blinds can be stained (to bring out their grain), painted or lightly varnished. The slats are also available in different sizes, which allow these blinds to fit different style of windows as well.

While these blinds are generally more expensive than other options of window treatments, they offer many advantages, which some of them are listed below.


One of the greatest advantages of wood venetian blinds is the privacy they allow to households. That is due to their thickness, which is enough to hide even the shadows and outlines of objects and people in a room. Yet, in spite of providing such privacy, wood blinds are lighter than other types of blinds such as vinyl or other artificial materials.

Ease of Maintenance

When compared to other types of venetian blinds, wood blinds are the easier to clean. While other types of blind are hard to clean without taking them down (very dirty blinds usually need to be soaked in a bathtub for a while with soapy water to get cleaned) wood blinds can be cleaned right away with a dry or damp cloth, depending on how dirty they are. Another factor that makes these blinds easy to clean is that they have notches to hold them together instead of holes. In addition to making the blinds easier to clean, the notches also contribute to the privacy by avoiding light from getting inside of the room.

Simple Installation

Wood venetian blinds are also pretty easy to install. Because they come in a variety of sizes and styles, finding one which is suitable for a particular sized window is also pretty easy. And you won’t have to worry about the blinds not fitting into your windows. However, if you feel that you need a professional to install your blinds for you, go ahead. Anyway, by following the instructions in the manual that comes with the blinds and using some basic tools, you should be able to do it all by yourself.