A List of the Most Important Considerations When Buying Laser Bore Sights


A good aim and consistent results are the two main things that make a hunter successful. All that, however, is achieved with regular practice and great hunting/target-shooting accuracy. One of the things that help improve accuracy is the laser bore sight. Boresighting helps to line up the optical sight located on the top of the gun barrel with your bore axis. After mounting your scope, this should be your next top priority as it helps ensure your first shot hits target paper at about 50 yards.

These pieces of equipment offer some great benefits to hunters, such as reducing ammo costs, saving time and protecting your shoulder from recoil. Here are some of the things to consider when buying laser bore sights.


The colour of the laser plays a major role both in the performance and price of the product. Although a very common and quite affordable choice, red lasers do not perform very well in daylight. Instead, you can make the best use out of them during the night. Green laser bore sights, on the other hand, are best used during daytime but are way more expensive than red lasers. Also, the intensity of the laser beam will affect the battery life of the boresight, thus its life expectancy.

Battery Life & Durability

In order to have a careless scope sighting experience, having a battery that’s big enough is crucial for the boresight to last long enough and perform its best. The durability of all laser bore sights is determined by the material they’re made of, hence why aluminium ones are your best bet. They can sustain falls easily while also looking pretty cool. Waterproof bore sights are your best bet if you want one that will last you for a very long time.


The price tag of a laser bore sight is not the only indicator of quality. As a matter of fact, the array of features a bore sight comes with is also very important as there might be some that won’t suit your needs. Remember to get a type of bore sight that will fit all or most of your rifle(s)/ firearm(s).


With laser bore sights you have three different options – the muzzle inserted laser, the magnetic attachment, and cartridge lasers. Cartridge lasers are very compact since they are in the shape of a bullet and help calibrate your sight while being inside even when the breach is closed. The only downside is that you will have to get one for every gun. Muzzle inserted lasers are either made to fit specific calibers or fit different calibers by matching the O-ring of the firearm. The magnetic attachment is the most versatile one as it can fit any type of firearm ranging from pistols to shotguns.