Arginine Supplements: Make Your Toned Body Dreams Come True

Arginine Supplements

If there’s one thing easy for most people, it’s got to be putting on weight. The predominantly sedentary lifestyles, and the plenty of bad food choices around (from fast, to processed), certainly don’t make it any difficult with weight gain.

Having so many celebrity role models, it’s motivating to get into shape seeing their slim, toned bodies, but actually implementing the changes with our lifestyles may not always bring the desired outcome. For instance, even if you’ve started with the right training plan, combined with the well-balanced diet, you can still not get the results you want which is where supplements come in handy, more specifically the arginine supplements.

Arginine, also known as L-arginine, are amino acids formed in the body, and the precursors of nitric oxide. As such, they have a role in cellular response, treating certain conditions, and most importantly, can help with increasing blood flow patricularly with active muscles in workouts.

What this means is including more of arginine in your body, through arginine supplements, can make for an increase of the oxygen and nutrient delivery. This in turn leads to an increase in strength, improved performance, as well as faster muscle recovery after workouts, and muscle growth. Then again, there’s also the fact it encourages the production of HGH (human growth hormone) thus impacts the reduction of fat.

These supplements are among those recommended to be taken prior to the exercise, from an hour up to twenty minutes before depending on the type of arginine supplement (e.g. Musashi, Gen-Tec AKG). The dosage can vary, as up to ten grams a day, or taken three times a day of two or three grams.

To get it right, it’s advisable to consult your doctor, to establish the ideal dosage for you. The benefits of arginine supplements as I mentioned go beyond workout, helping with numerous conditions, improving overall well-being.

For starters, they are recommended for people dealing with protein malnutrition, infections, burns, dementia (it enhances memory, reversing dementia effects), hypertension (it protects against stroke), postsurgery recovery, and male infertility. The antioxidant properties of arginine also protect against heart diseases, premature ageing, diabetes, and cancer.

Along with this, arginine have their positive effects with kidney function, boosting the immune system, reversing and preventing osteoporosis, treating irritable bowel syndrome, reducing the chances for development of ulcers, as well as preventing and healing hemorrhoids. Sure, there are many supplements on the market, but how many of them do you know that can provide so many benefits?