Discover Yourself on a Discovering Journey through Africa


Whether we realise it or not, there’s a wanderlust bug eating all of us; with some it’s more apparent, with others it’s dormant for a while until the adventure starts calling. The reason we’re all more or less fond of travelling is the chance to uncover more of the secrets of our planet, get immersed in the diversity of cultures and in a way through the discovery of new places, discover ourselves. If you’re up for discovering yourself and embark on some adventurous travel Africa deserves to find itself on your bucket list.

travel Africa

As was proven by scientists on many accounts, Africa is the real cradle of humankind, the starting point for all of the great scale migrations happening back in time more than 60,000 years ago which makes it a hotspot for archaeologists and historians alike. Considering this continent is a bundle of history, culture, natural beauty and savoury cuisine, you’re sure to find the vacation packages with the itinerary that best suits you, whether it’s all about comfort and luxury or the real experience of African safari. Opting for including this part of the world in your plans of travel Africa is sure to give you the experience of a lifetime.

The first thing you’d notice is the friendliness of the locals, wherever you find yourself, you’re bound to come across warm and welcoming people, all hospitable and making you feel at home. Such is the case when you give Kenya or Tanzania a chance, and as you witness the Great Migration take place, being at one with wildlife, you can also immerse in the life of natives as that of the Maasai Mara.

While enjoying the many secluded sandy shores along the Indian Ocean, you can go through the path set by the Scottish explorer and missionary, David Livingstone, by cruising along the way of the mighty Zambezi River and explore the spectacular Victoria Falls, then head out to recharge your energy feasting on delicious African meals, followed by wasting some calories as you walk along the vibrant streets of Johannesburg and Cape Town and learn more of their history in the famous District Six Museum and Iziko Slave Lodge.

When in Cape Town, you can hop all the way to the inviting Cape of Good Hope, only to continue the adventure by enjoying the Game Drives in the Limpopo Province. If you feel like you’d be up for a challenge, instead of just marvelling at the beauty of the magnificent Kilimanjaro, why not climb all the way up?

Shopping lovers can be sure of successful bargains through the many shops of the vibrant cities from South Africa all the way up to Morocco and Egypt. And of course, who can forget history again when it comes to the magnificent Cairo with the mysterious pyramids and the glory of the Library of Alexandria? All this sounds perfect for all adventure seekers alike, so are you willing to discover yourself in the diverse Africa?