Homebrewing Hobby: Reasons to Invest in Grainfather

Unique Grainfather

In a world of hobbies, it might be challenging to pick the one that would be your source of excitement, while at the same time providing you with outstanding fruits for your effort and dedication. Still, if you’re looking for something age-old, that offers you the chance to learn new skills, as well as test out handy equipment and tools, it’s easy – pick homebrewing!

Since we got to spend a considerable amount of time at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this was the very hobby that soared in popularity because it gave many people the purpose they were lacking. After all, with all the pubs and bars closing down, it proved to be the way to keep supplying the home bar with different craft beers and pride oneself on producing them.

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If it sounds like the hobby that’s your cup of tea (or better said, your stein of beer), you won’t have to invest too much time or money to make it part of your life. There are outstanding brands and their special all-inclusive kits to make your beginner brews easier, as in the example with the Grainfather as the all-encompassing microbrewery production system.

Why Invest in the Grainfather?

There are various homebrewing brands and related products in the stores, catering to the needs of different tastes and budgets, but what makes this particular brand stand out with its ingenious design that’s electrically powered is the fact you can complete various processes in a jiffy.

The Benefits

Yes, all in the same vessel, you’d be able to take care of mashing, while maintaining steady temperature with the electric heating element, followed by sparging, straining, and boiling up to six gallons of your favourite drink. As a beginner, you’d find this very useful considering the whole brewing process becomes simpler and uniform.

A handy counter-flow chiller is also part of the system, to provide you with the ideal cooling bit of the production, and this isn’t all there is in terms of efficient features and benefits. The ingenious Grainfathers even offers you access to the vast homebrewing community through their library which can supply you with all sorts of advice and recipes – no matter whether you’re searching for a specific type of beer, hops, ABV or IBUs.

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To make matters even more advantageous and user-friendly for the modern-day brewer, you can easily import any of the recipes directly to your own device through the suitable free brewing app. Same as with your beneficial Bluetooth speakers, you can thank the specialised Bluetooth technology of the system and recipe software for having all the resources you need at your fingertips.

The Features

Before delving deeper into the features, let’s agree that the Grainfather design is high-quality machinery fit for the brewing needs of the busy pro and beginner brewers of today. What makes them top-notch you ask? Well, for start, it’s the material of the vessel that makes them ideal investments in the long run.

With the exception of the copper chiller, the rest of the whole brewing system is made from 304-grade stainless steel which is very durable. Despite also consisting of an internal pipe for the draining and sparging, and a heating system, it’s still very compact so you shouldn’t have trouble making it part of your brewing area – be it the kitchen countertop, your garage, or even a garden shed.

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Taking into consideration the lifestyles of today are more packed with activities, the efficient Grainfather takes off most of the homebrewing load by simplifying the process so you don’t have time-consuming tasks like cleaning various vessels, and moving the brew. The handy up and down control buttons, and the on and off pump switch are added to the control panel for your convenience.

So, in a way, you’d still count on a hands-on experience. As mentioned, they’ve got a user-friendly temperature control system, however, if you still find it difficult to operate it, especially the high settings, you can use the help of the Graincoat add-on.

The Cleaning

With minimal effort, you’d even be able to take care of the cleanliness thanks to the CIP (clean in place) cleaner. Let’s just say, cleaning can be quite the tricky and demanding task of the whole homebrewing production considering how essential it is for the beer’s taste and flavour. Get this chore wrong, and you ruin the whole batch.

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All you’d have to do with the Grainfather system is fill the boiler with water plus a cleaning solution in the needed dose you see on the instructions. Once you connect the chiller, and add the worth tube in the glass lid, set the temperature to 55°C before circulating the cleaner through the chiller. After five minutes, you’re done with the chiller, so be sure to remove it, and connect the recirculation pipe and clean it with the cleaner.

Then you can move on to scrubbing the bottom of the boiler as well as the sides with a specialised brush. When adding the clean water to the system, circulate it through the chiller and recirculation pipe the same way you did with the cleaner.