Must-Bring Camping Accessories to Experience Nature at Its Best


When the weekend comes and you’re free to do whatever you want, meaning no job, no duties, no to-do list and similar, a good idea to fill in your two and a half days with some effective time is to go camping. Camping is that kind of activity that gives it all: romantic/good friends time, fresh air, good food, and isolation from the everyday technology and bonding with Mother Nature. And if the weather is fine and the sky is clear, you can get to watch the stars and dream, reflect on your thoughts, or simply observe. Ah, camping.

However, going camping does not mean just packing a small backpack and leaving. It requires some planning, some equipment shopping and some general preparations for sleeping, cooking and functioning in the middle of a non-urbanised area. So, in order to get a smooth and comfortable camping experience, make sure you check all the camping essentials off this short list.

The tent and the accessories
When it comes to tents and accessories, you want to have the best of the best. Not because you’d be bragging about how fancy and rich you are, but because in case the weather turns, you’d want to be well protected from rain or strong winds, especially strong winds. So, look for tents and accessories sold together as many manufacturers of tents also produce matching accessories that are designed to support just the tent you want. The tent should be waterproof, obviously, and the accessories of the highest quality. For instance, the tent pegs should be made of stainless steel, so the possibility of them bending under the pressure of too much pulling is minimized significantly.


I know you plan on lighting a fire to make an ambiance, but a fire can only do so much: provide lighting to the most immediate surrounding and warm you up. You need additional lighting for other activities such as inspecting the area at night, walking around (if you’re a fan of night walks), reading and general functioning around the camp site. Probably the most convenient type of lighting is the headlamp as it allows your hands to be completely free.

You can’t go camping without a proper bedding, unless you’re crazy enough to sleep in the open in a rather chilly mountain night (or on any place for that matter). The best option for sleeping while on a camping trip is a sleeping bag, made for the specific season. Be very careful when buying one though, as some examples are made for summer and spring, and others specifically for winter. Naturally, those for winter would be designed to provide more warmth, while the ones for summer would be made to keep you cool and comfy. Other options include self-inflating mattresses and stretchers, and whether you choose them or not depends largely on your needs, desires as well as on your budget.

Shortly, these would be the most basic things you should have if you decide to go camping, at least if you’re staying at a official camping site. Another thing you always need to have with you is the first aid kit, which is kind of a first help in case something goes wrong.