4 Reasons to Swap Your Regular Powder with a Hypoallergenic Translucent Powder

hypoallergenic translucent powder
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Do you pay attention to what’s on the ingredient list when you’re choosing your makeup? Many of us only focus on the label and the promising results, without giving much thought to what’s inside the product. But don’t feel bad if you haven’t done so far. You still have time to learn about what’s good for your skin and make your own decisions about your purchase choices.

If you love makeup and want to make safer choices for your skin, there are several reasons why you should choose hypoallergenic translucent powder instead of traditional powder. If you haven’t done so already, here is what you can gain from making the switch.

What is a Hypoallergenic Translucent Powder?

hypoallergenic translucent powder
source: pexels.com

Hypoallergenic means that the powder is formulated in such a way that it minimises the risk of allergic reactions once applied to the skin. Any product labelled “hypoallergenic” is free of common allergens and harsh chemicals that might cause skin irritations. Many of the powders that are hypoallergic contain safe ingredients that have soothing properties as well such as Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxides.

Now we come to the next question “What does translucent powder mean?”. It means that the powder is finely milled, colourless and is used as a setting powder. As a result, it helps control shine by giving the skin a matte finish. When applied to the skin, it provides a nice smooth and even texture, without adding any colour or coverage.

So, is translucent powder good for your skin? As long as it is hypoallergenic, yes. Although, that doesn’t mean that traditional powders are all harmful. Still, it’s a safer alternative to buy hypoallergenic translucent powder, especially if your skin is prone to allergic reactions.

Another important thing to distinguish – not all hypoallergenic powders are organic, but many organic powders are hypoallergenic. Also, hypoallergenic does not automatically mean vegan or cruelty-free, although many brands focus on creating vegan makeup products that are also cruelty-free.

Why Start Using Hypoallergenic Setting Powder?

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

One of the major reasons why many makeup lovers decide to switch to a hypoallergenic setting powder is the gentle formulation that is suitable for sensitive skin. If you are having issues finding a powder because your skin tends to react with breakout, redness or itchiness, you should definitely think about trying out a hypoallergenic alternative.

You can use it safely to achieve a flawless makeup finish, without having any adverse reactions. Here is also important to note that hypoallergenic does not mean zero risk of irritations. It simply means due to the gentler chemicals and minerals it contains, the powder reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions.

It Works for All Skin Tones

When it comes to skin tone, many ladies want to know “What skin tone is a translucent powder for?”. The good news is that it is suitable for everyone. You can buy a translucent setting powder and use it regardless of your skin colour. It’s a universal product that works for all skin tones.

Lightweight Feel

Traditional setting powders tend to feel heavier and cakey on the skin. This is something we want to avoid if possible, especially if we are going outside during the day when even the smallest skin flaw is ten times more visible under the sun.

Translucent powders that are hypoallergenic feel much lighter on the skin, which ensures that your skin stays breathable and comfortable throughout the day. It also prevents your makeup from looking heavy or overdone. It gives you a more natural and polished finish.

Matte Finish to Your Makeup

Most probably you’re also not a fan of the overdone makeup and the shine that tends to get even more prominent throughout the day. If you want to achieve a matte, shine-free finish, then hypoallergenic colourless powder is the ideal option.

It controls the oil and reduces the apprentice of shine, particularly in the T-zone. This makes it an excellent choice for those with oily and combination skin, although everyone can use it. It will help you look more fresh and polished and also helps your makeup last longer.

Tips for Using It

woman applying hypoallergenic translucent powder
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How to Apply

Use a fluffy brush or makeup sponge to pick up the powder. Start with a small amount and build up if you feel you need more. Apply in key areas such as the T-zone and lightly dust the powder over those areas. Blend well into your skin, making sure you avoid any visible residues. Remember, a little goes a long way.

How to Use it For Setting Your Makeup

There are three ways you can use a translucent powder for setting your makeup.

The first option is to use it after you apply your foundation and concealer to help lock them in place and prevent them from creasing or fading.

The second way is to use it as a baking technique. Apply a generous amount of the powder for the areas you want to set. Make sure to leave it for a few minutes before you brush off the excess powder.

The third option is to use it as an all-over setting. To do that, lightly dust the powder over your entire face using a large fluffy brush.

Touch Ups Throughout the Day

To fix your makeup throughout the day, lightly powder the areas where your makeup tends to break down the most or get shiny. Use a small amount of powder, just enough to refresh your makeup look.