Revamp Your Ride: The Benefits and Compliance of Tail Tidies for Australian Motorcycles

Motorcycle tail tidy

Ask any motorcycle owner and they’ll tell you that bikes are anything but utilitarian transportation. They are personal, and license plate holders have been a rallying point for the uniqueness of Aussie bike owners for decades.

There’s nothing personal or unique about the clunky, chunky license plate holders that OEMs typically install on their bikes, though; and for the majority of enduro and dual sport owners, replacing their bulky, factory-installed fender and plate assemblies is a priority. The challenge owners face, however, is finding a replacement that not only looks good but also satisfies Australian Design Rule (ADR) standards. Fortunately, there’s already a wide selection of Australian-made, ADR-conscious plate holder alternatives on the market that are made especially for enduro-style bikes. They pack all the uniqueness that a rider could want, and they won’t break the law or anyone’s budget.

Tail Tidies Are the Practical Solution for Rear Fender Woes

Tail tidy

If you’re a motocross, enduro, or dual sport bike owner and you’ve been looking for a positively personal replacement for your bike’s OE license plate holder, then now’s the time to consider the fantastic range of premium quality tail tidies that are manufactured in Australia. Custom-made Aussie tidies reflect the character and distinctiveness of Aussie riders while still rising to the expectations of ADR standards; and that’s the assurance you need to ditch your husky factory plate holders at the first opportunity, without the worry of getting defective every time you go for a ride.

Beginning with corrosion-resistant 2.5mm aluminium stock, top-quality tail tidies are CNC machined and pre-drilled to fit your OE motorcycle number plate holder mounting holes. Ideally, not only do tail tidies do away with unattractive factory plate holders, but they also bring along their own group of practical benefits which include:

  • A significant reduction in weight, helping to contribute to improved fuel and handling;
  • An opportunity to reposition your indicator lamps, giving you increased visibility and safety; and,
  • The chance to replace your OE indicator, brake, and license plate globes with long-life LEDs.

Make no mistake; there aren’t any disadvantages to replacing your OE motorbike number plate holder with a new, streamlined tail tidy. In most cases you even have a choice of either a polished alloy, powder coated, or PPA 571 Plascoat┬« finish, allowing your handcrafted tail tidy to be the perfect complement to your bike’s silhouette.

Tidy Replacements for the Full Selection of Aussie Enduros

Custom fitting tail tidy replacement motorbike number plate holders are available for a wide selection of the most popular enduro-style bikes sold in Australia, including:

  • Yamaha XTZ690s, T700 Teneres, and WR450s and 250Fs;
  • Suzuki DR650s and DRZ400s; and,
  • Honda CRF300Ls and 300 Rallys, CRF250Ls and 450Ls, and XL750 Transalps.

Premium motorcycle number plate holders also don’t require any special tools or drilling for mounting. They install quickly and easily, and their minimal space requirement gives you the extra space you need to undertake regular maintenance and safety checks, or to take on an emergency rear-end repair when necessary.

Addressing the Tidy Topic of ADR Compliance

Motorcycle in nature with tail tidy

While it’s impossible to dismiss just how practical, as well as personal tail tidies are, more often than not, the question of whether they or any type of fender eliminator kit is genuinely ADR compliant is guaranteed to come up. The fact is, with motorcycle fenders and number plate placement covered under one rule (ADR 42/00), brake lamps, tail lamps, and reflectors covered under another (ADR 19), and states adding in their own registration criteria, it’s not uncommon for bike owners and law enforcement to disagree over whether motorcycle tail tidies are genuinely allowed.

Putting aside all the vagarities and misperceptions surrounding modifications, the latest version of ADR 42/00 does away with the mandatory length requirement of rear fenders. This effectively clears the way for tail tidies, as well as other types of motorcycle license plate holders, provided they’re able to satisfy the regulatory criteria for:

  • On-road safety. Just like an OE rear fender, a properly designed tidy-type enduro number plate holder is going to be positioned to protect other highway users and pedestrians from kicked-up stones and debris, as well as you from water.
  • Correct lamp placement. Tidies are cut to ensure that your brake lamps, indicators, and number plate light are positioned at the required height, distance, spacing, and angle for maximum viewing from the rear and the sides.
  • License plate placement. A well-designed tail tidy is going to retain the required 45┬░ side and rearward visibility of your OE motorcycle license plate holder, but with a sleek, streamlined, frame that successfully replaces the bulky rear fender.

Make no mistake: when it comes to the compliance of your tail tidy, fender eliminator, or any other type of replacement motorcycle number plate holder, Australia has manufacturers that understand the letter and spirit of ADR standards. They have the vision to produce good-looking tidies, and the engineering expertise to ensure that they’re as safe as they are special.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, when it comes to license plate mounts, OEs aren’t likely to change the practice of integrating them into rear fenders. Understandably, they’re tasked with satisfying the broadest array of regulatory concerns as possible, and they’re undoubtedly aware that where owners have the liberty to replace them with something more personal, the aftermarket isn’t going to hesitate to satisfy the demand.

Premium quality, Australian-made tail tidies fall directly into that category. They make sure that when you’re ready to remove your factory plate holder, personalizing your bike doesn’t have to mean compromising safety.