A List of Ways You Can Add More Privacy to an Open Plan Office


Open plan offices seem to be the future of the workspace. The fact that employees are sharing a mutual space can facilitate collaboration and help boost team spirit. However, there’s one major problem with the open plan office – it doesn’t provide the worker with much-needed privacy. Because there are no physical boundaries between employees, they are much more likely to experience disruption. However, there are some great ways you can give employees a bit of privacy in an open plan office.

Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions

When it comes to providing employees with a sense of privacy and control over their personal space, installing partitions for offices are the most effective solution. There are two types of partitions for offices: glass and solid. Glass tends to be the material of choice when you want to increase privacy without disrupting the open nature of the workplace. Glass partitions can be soundproof, allowing people to work on a project in complete silence or have a private conversation. But the fact that they are relatively transparent prevents workers from feeling cut off or excluded from the rest of the team. Glass partitions can also be customized with your business’ colours or logo to make your office more unique.

Solid Partitions

Office Partitions

However, if your workers need maximum discretion and privacy to perform their task efficiently, solid partitions are obviously the best choice. Solid partitions for offices are made out of wood or aluminium and are designed to be 100% soundproof. This way, workers can conduct business in absolute privacy – without being seen or overheard. The fact that solid partitions help eliminate noise and visual distractions can improve the productivity of the workplace. Both glass partitions and solid partitions are quick and easy to install without causing significant interruptions or the workflow.

Shelving and Storage Units

If you don’t need to achieve absolute privacy in the office, but still want to create boundaries that define different workers’ personal space, you can do so in a discrete manner with the help of shelving and storage units. The beauty of shelving and storage units is that they can be used as office dividers, storage solutions, and as a decorative element at the same time. Additionally, shelving and storage units are also flexible when it comes to reconfiguring the layout of your office.

Shelving Office Partitions

Plant Screens

Plant screens are also a way you can create separate and private zones in your office without disrupting the open feel. You can choose from a variety of evergreen indoor plants and place them on shelves to create lively room dividers. A great benefit of plant screens is that they can add colour and vibrancy to a cold and rigid workplace. And working in a pleasant setting can help reduce stress levels and boost the mood of employees.