A List of Ideas for Thoughtful & Practical Christmas Gifts


Hey, it’s that time of the year again? And as per tradition, we’ll be putting off buying Christmas gifts until the very last minute. Why is that so? Obviously, there’s always some stress involved in choosing the ideal gift, especially if it’s for a person dear to you. Will they like it? What if they already have one at home? – These are just some of the questions plaguing us every December. So, to make it easier for you, here’s a guide to practical gifts everyone will love!

A Quality Beach Towel

Considering how we Aussies are a beach-loving bunch, everyone will certainly appreciate another addition to their beach towel collection. Especially, if it’s a quality one such as a Turkish beach towel. Turkish beach towels are made of the highest quality organic cotton in the world and are known to be incredibly absorbent. They also dry faster and take up less room than traditional cotton towels. Coming in a variety of attractive designs, Turkish beach towels can also be used as a scarf or as a sarong. If you’re looking for a unique gift that says “I really care for you” – this is the one!

Silk Pyjamas

Besides going to the beach, another thing everyone loves is sleeping. Unfortunately, our quality of sleep usually decreases once the temperature rises. With that being said, a set of silk pyjamas can be the perfect gift this Christmas, as Australia is preparing for an especially hot summer. Regardless whether your giftee is a man or a woman, they will absolutely love the cooling feel of silk on their skin, which makes for the ultimate night-time luxury.

A Stainless Steel Bottle

Everyone can use some refreshment on the go, especially when the temperatures start rising. With that being said, a stainless steel water bottle can be a very practical gift. Just make sure that it’s properly insulated for keeping hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold. Choose a lightweight design so they can take it with them to the beach, to the gym, or to work.

A Gift Card for Their Favourite Store

Gift cards don’t have to be a sign of admitting “I had no clue about what to buy you” if they are well chosen. A gift card for a person’s favourite store can, in fact, mean that you have paid attention to the little things, like where they love to shop. To be honest, many people actually prefer receiving a gift card which allows them to buy something they really need.