Listing the Best Camping Shower Tents You Can Buy in 2019


Shower tents are great pieces of equipment that can make your camping experience more convenient and pleasurable. Today, there are plenty of options on the market, so if you are buying a shower tent for the first time you may find yourself a bit confused. Different models feature different designs so you need to consider whether you need a one-person tent or a two-room tent which is certainly a more convenient choice.

Outdoor privacy tents are lightweight so they are not very stable in windy areas. Because of this, it is a good idea to look for a model that can be stacked to the ground. Weight, size, and the pole’s material are other important things to consider to make the best buy for you. In order to help you avoid hours of troublesome searching for the ideal camping shower tents, here are some of the best models you can buy today.

shower tent

OZtrail Pop Up Ensuite Double

Bigger is always better and that is why this shower tent camping model is first on the list. This tent features an internal doorway between the two sections, providing the ideal shower space with both a wet and a dry room. This provides greater convenience and privacy wherever you go. It is easy to store and quick to set up so you will not spend too much of your precious time on it. This OZtrail shower tent has a long-lasting UVtex sun tough material and silver-coated inner walls for improved privacy. Also, the tent comes with a removable heavy-duty floor for convenience and easy access to the oversized door entrance. The zippered rear window allows for good ventilation, while the zip open roof panel allows for easy access to different styles of showers. In case you need more showering room, you can unzip the shared wall and you will have more open space.

WolfWise Pop Up Shower Tent

This shower tent camping model features quality and flexible frame which makes it a good choice for outdoor use. The robust steel structure offers stability against rain and besides that, it is still comfortable and lightweight to carry. The cover is heavy-duty and it is almost impossible to see through it. The thermos-sealed seaming along with the high water-repelling polyester make this shower tent suitable for almost all outdoor events. Also, it features a mesh top that allows for upper view and good ventilation while the side window allows for interior airflow with exterior visibility. It is also very spacious which means you can easily store in it your bath-time essentials.

shower tent

TMS Portable Green Outdoor Pop Up Tent

This shower tent has an extremely lightweight construction and stable design. Along with the flexible steel frame, the TMS outdoor pop-up tent offers superior stability and durability. The quality, UV resistant polyester cover provides the perfect level of privacy. Thanks to its waterproof plastic, it absorbs almost no liquids or water and that’s what makes it moisture resistant. There is a U-shaped door on both sides, allowing for easy accessibility and better ventilation. The four high-quality metal stakes offer complete lockdown while the superb drainage systems make it highly suitable for private showering.