Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas

gift for father's day

No matter how much we love and think we know someone, choosing the ideal gift can be nerve-wracking. Especially when it comes to choosing gifts for special holidays, like Father’s Day. If you too have a hard time coming up with a cool gift for your dad, worry not, we’re here to help.

Gin Packs for the Cool Dad Who Loves Experimenting

gin gift set for man

If your pops happens to be a gin lover, why not choose a gin present? There are many choices and you can go for the option that your dad would like best. To bring some personality into the gift, choose craft gin that’s made with love. The reason why this gin is so special is that it isn’t produced by big brands but usually by small teams of two or several persons that produce it with passion. This makes craft gin the ideal gift made from one family for another. These distillers make sure that only the best ingredients go in the creation process and often make their own recipes and experiment with interesting and innovative flavours.

If you opt for this idea, choose a delicious Fathers Day gin pack that has everything your dad might need for mixing up the perfect cocktail. These packs may include Australian craft gins, glasses, recipes, and different tipples, like prosecco. If cocktails aren’t really his thing, choose a pack of quality gins, each with its distinctive characteristics that provide a unique and flavourful experience. Picking a Fathers Day gin gift is an opportunity for you to learn something more about this exquisite drink and connect with your dad over the topic.

If you’re looking for unconventional flavours, go with barrel-aged gin. There’s a variety of gins that you can choose from, just pick your favourite note. They can have a citrusy flavour, vanilla and caramel notes, or hints of cinnamon, white pepper, and juniper, among the others. To complement the present, you can add gin recipe books or educational ones that cover subjects such as how to make your own gin, the different gin styles, and the history of gin. What makes Father’s Day gin gifts the best is that they can be customised as much as you like. And one thing’s for sure, your dad won’t be disappointed no matter which gin you choose.

Beer Kits for the Beginner or Experienced Homebrewer

beer making kit as gift

If your dad has always dreamt of making his own beer, this is the perfect opportunity to show him that he can. There are many ready-to-buy beer kits that have everything you need to make your first brew. They include all different kinds of recipes to try out and you can find a set that contains the necessary equipment, such as fermenters, thermometers, cleaners, and all the additional accessories. Even if your dad isn’t a first-time brewer, there are always new recipes that he can try if he’s keen on experimenting with new flavours. Just choose the one you think he’ll love and you’ll be his favourite child.

Cooking Equipment for the Dad Who Enjoys Making Food

cooking equipment set

For the cook and gourmand, new cooking equipment is always welcome. This is an easy choice as well because you can see what your dad needs so you can get it for him. If he enjoys firing up the grill and making food for everyone, a new grill might be the gift you need. No matter if he has an outdoor kitchen that needs to be furnished or if he prefers cooking inside, there are grills for every space. See what some of the best accessories that grills can have are and choose the one that fits your budget.

If he’s more of a no-fuss cook, a pressure cooker is a perfect gift for him. It allows faster cooking with less mess, which means no precious time will be lost on preparing food. Also, a pressure cooker retains many nutrients, so the food will be healthy and delicious.

Wine Club Subscription for the Sophisticated Wine Lover

wine bottle as gift

If your dad is a wine lover, subscribe him to a monthly taste of the best types of wine. You can find great deals that offer many benefits. Wine clubs give discount prices for members, which will allow your dad to try a wide variety of wines. In this way, he’ll be able to enjoy new wines that can be chosen specifically for him, according to his wine preferences. Subscriptions vary and allow you to choose the number of deliveries per year, it doesn’t have to be every month. You want to look for clubs that offer greater flexibility and no additional costs in case you want to cancel or change the subscription.

Massage Pillows for a Stress-Free Life

massage pillow in car

For the dads that love to relax, get a massage pillow. There are pillows specifically made for different parts of the body so you can easily find the one that’ll help your dad get rid of any pain. These pillows can come with various functions, so it’s up to you to choose the one which fits your dad’s needs. Besides being used for relieving muscle pain, they can be beneficial for improving sleep quality, alleviating headaches and symptoms of stress and anxiety, and many others. This makes massage pillows the ultimate gift that everyone will love.