Outdoor Kitchen: Things to Consider Space-Wise


Having an outdoor kitchen is a great idea for anyone wanting to enjoy savory meals in fresh air while having a blast entertaining. Apart from improving your social life as well as your appetite, this type of kitchen is equally beneficial for the increase of value of your property, along with providing you with a bigger living space, and best of all perhaps is the fact it keeps the cooking smells outside.

Mind you though, if this sounds appealing to you and you intend to make the most of outdoor entertaining by getting a kitchen, it’s advisable to think about the space as a whole and how you can use it to its full potential instead of focusing only on the bits and pieces of equipment and accessories you require for your meal preparations same way you would with the sitting and lounging areas.


For instance, when purchasing the necessary furniture why not look at it from the storage perspective, and opt for pieces that were designed for this aspect primarily like the outdoor kitchen drawers modules offering functionality and durability thanks to the sturdy materials they’re made from paired with the sturdy construction.

This is one of the most important decisions you’re going to make since it’s related to having an efficient kitchen, regardless whether you have a spacious area or not; even a big backyard can end up being messy with the improper storage solutions!

Where to start?

As mentioned, you have to pick out the furniture based on how much of functionality it provides, along with the durability, so let the amount and depth of storage compartments as well as the materials be your guiding points.

The latter is of essence especially if you live in a coastal area where the sea air poses a threat for some cabinet and drawer materials that are easier to corrode; thinking long-term, the proper investment is stainless steel because of its resistant properties.

Additionally, the decision also depends on the type of utensils and items you’re going to store as well as their size, specifically the length and width. For example, if you’d like to keep your spices, grilling tools and the tableware in general all at hand, it’s good to find furniture with plenty of compartments and drawers that would enable you to better organize the kitchen.


Thanks to this, you’d know the exact place for each and every item and avoid wasting precious time in trying to find them when you can spend it more with friends and loved ones instead.

Trust me, you’d need this particularly if your items are versatile and include bottle openers, lighters, straws, napkins, bags or snacks… For utmost protection from critters, it’s a good idea to wrap up your items in plastic containers just in case, even when inside the compartments.

Now, in case you’d use the kitchen only during the warm days, then out of practical reasons it’s best to look for furniture like outdoor kitchen drawers with locking castors to make the moving easier when summer season entertaining is over. The reason I mention such drawers specifically has to do with them being useful in the food preparations too, serving as countertops.

Even when acquiring additional pieces, like sinks or appliances as in stoves and ovens, those with storage compartments are better. A word about the sink is to look for one with open access underneath to facilitate plumbing if you ever get a problem; the same goes if you’re using gas for the grill.


Don’t forget the trash!

Same as indoors, your kitchen requires a place reserved for waste because where there’s cooking, there’s garbage and the more you entertain outdoors, the more garbage you can expect.

Having a separate trash spot would prove to be essential in a hygienic point of view and save you from paying trips indoors just to dispose of the garbage. Oh, also it can protect you from unpleasant sights like bugs all around or worse, unexpected visitors, i.e. wildlife.

Speaking of hygiene, having a separate place for the cleaning products wouldn’t hurt either, having in mind the outdoor kitchen needs cleaning too, sometimes even more than your indoor kitchen because hey, it’s exposed to the elements!

Moreover, having the cleaning supplies right next to you would prevent you from skipping this important chore, maintaining the outdoor kitchen drawers, other storage pieces and appliances spotless thus ensuring your health and safety are taken care of.


The Finishing Details

By this I refer to all the details, small and big alike, from the style of the storage equipment to the whole layout of your outdoor space. Sure, the style doesn’t have much to do with functionality like the consideration of the layout, however it’s to do with the aesthetics of your area which is why you need to be more thoughtful.

You ought to remember the layout is most functional when space is used properly, there’s a separate dry (the preparation of meals), wet (the sink for washing), hot (the cooking), and cool area (the refrigeration), thus it’s important there’s enough space for each of them so that the compartments and drawers open as they should and you can cook without any obstacles.