In What Situations Is It Necessary to Get Rid of a Tree?

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Planting beautiful trees and setting functional outdoor lighting are some of the best ways to make an outdoor area pop. There’s no doubt that trees play a significant role when it comes to taking the curb appeal of a home up a notch.

Unfortunately, sometimes getting rid of a tree is a necessity. No matter how properly you have fertilised it, a tree can become a nuisance and even a danger for your property, you, your family, visitors and passersby. This can occur if the tree is diseased or too old. That being said, let’s go though some of the most common dilemmas surrounding this topic.

How to Cut Down a Tree?

Without a doubt, the easiest and most convenient way for doing this is with the help of a professional tree service company. Although there are some who might consider tacking this task as a DIY project, the truth is that tree removal requires a careful approach as it can be quite dangerous. A tree professional company, on the other hand, will carry out a risk assessment and tree removal plan prior the removing process. This trees cutting process is performed by a professional and highly-qualified arborist who knows his/her job. After this procedure, the team will tidy up any mess and remove all the materials from the site without interrupting the traffic.

Are You Allowed to Cut Down Trees in Your Garden?

Regardless of the fact that a tree is located on one’s property or not, for its removal, one should have a permission that can be obtained from the local council.

Dead Tree

Without a doubt, one can’t miss noticing when a tree is dead, and unfortunately, a great number of people don’t take proper action as soon as they notice. However, a dead tree can cause lots of problems and in some situations it can be life-threatening. Not only can the branches can snap off easily, but the whole tree can also fall and hit people, objects, pets, buildings…anything. The damages can be many and devastating, so it’s better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent, don’t you think?!


Diseased Tree

First, let’s set something straight, when a tree shows signs of illness, it doesn’t mean that it needs to be removed immediately. However, one needs to act quickly in order to save it. Fertilising and pruning any infected branches are the first things to do, but if the disease has progressed too much, contacting a professional is a must. If not treated immediately, the disease can spread to any surrounding plants and trees. This additionally can attract pests like rats and insect infestations. In these situations, it s best to call a tree surgeon as they will know whether a trees cutting is needed. Quite often, an unhealthy tree can survive if treated on time and right, however, this process can only be carried out by a professional arborist.

The Tree is Growing Close to Something

When a tree is planted too close to something, this can cause some serious problems. For instance, if a tree is located near drains, this can lead to blockages as its roots can get to them. The same thing can happen if a tree is planted near paving slabs, garages, houses, etc. The tree’s roots can lift them slightly in case they start to grow underneath them. Branches that are too long and too big can also cause a problem which is why pruning them and in some situations removing the whole tree would be needed.

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Leaning Tree

If a tree is leaning in a certain direction, it can also pose a danger. In these situations, when the weight of the tree leans more on a particular side, in bad weather conditions the tree could fall. For this purpose, seeking professional advice is more than needed.

Interior Decay

Interior decay cannot be noticed by the average person as there is no evidence on the outside for any particular problems. In these situations, a tree can look perfectly fine on the outside but be dead on the inside which can lead to falling and instant snapping. So, since interior decay is not easy to diagnose, again, you’ll require the services, skills and expertise of a tree surgeon. This can be done by a regular tree inspection every now and then.

How Many Trees are Cut Down a Year?

While there is no exact number one thing’s for sure – the number is huge.