exterior deck light

It’s easy to take lighting for granted nowadays since technology has become ingrained in our society, but it still has a significant role we shouldn’t be so quick to overlook. For example, you’ve done some renovating work, spruced up your deck to add curb appeal to your home and now want to show it off which is exactly the job for lighting.

exterior deck lights

Other than keeping the safety and security of your deck, and home for that matter, there’s no denying it also has a designing role. Whether you want to add a dramatic look or make for a calm, serene ambiance, count on the variety of exterior deck lights to do the trick. Since there is a wide range of options, you should give it a thought if it’s only the deck you want to use for lighting.

Starting with integrating stainless steel deck lights is ideal, and would definitely make the deck pop, but did you know you could also include the deck stairs in the project? It’s always good to ensure there’s enough illumination around the stairs so everyone minds their step yet you have to avoid glaring light and opt for subtle instead, for utmost safety after dark.

Additionally, it’s advisable to think of other features that could do well with some lights, such as pergolas, the grilling or cooking area which means other than only shopping for exterior deck lights, you’d include string, under-table and under-rail task lights to name few.

Mixing and matching is more than welcome, just make sure you don’t overdo it, because too much lighting isn’t going to work out for the best, aesthetically. If you don’t know how to go about it, other than lighting the deck, it’s good to accentuate new spaces, so as to add a lighting touch to surrounding areas beside the deck itself.

Is there a tree, shrub or sculpture you’d like to draw visitors’ attention to? Don’t be afraid to experiment adding dimension to natural and architectural features with accent lighting because it’s sure to create eye-catching ambiance. And, of course, it’s important to give colour a thought too but not without taking the deck’s colour into consideration.

Wanting to emphasise the soft and warm tones of the traditional deck style with plenty of warm brown wood hues, for instance, you’d best use the help of soft light hues, as opposed to the modern which is accentuated well with clean white LED light. You can be sure using the help of lighting would further enhance the value of your home.