Mobile planter boxes open up a world of possibilities for gardening and home decoration. In small outdoor spaces, their easy portability can transform a deck or a patio into a beautiful garden. These extraordinary pieces of home and garden décor come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. When choosing the best one for your needs, keep in mind your space and the type of plant you plan to grow in them. Here are some general things to consider when shopping for mobile planter boxes.

Consider Self Watering Pots

These planter boxes are specially designed to keep your plants fresh and the soil moisturized for days. While standard planters require everyday watering, the self watering version requires weekly or even monthly watering (depending on the plant you have), which makes these mobile planter boxes the ultimate option if you don’t have much time to water your plants. In addition, their specific design ensures that the roots of the plant always have an access to water, hence, it promotes a healthy and rapid plant growth.


Consider Drainage

Before you buy a mobile planter box, keep in mind your plant’s watering needs and check if the planter comes with or without drainage holes. Drainage holes help avoid over-watering, which can make the roots waterlogged. Usually, if a planter doesn’t come with a water hole, it is meant for decorative purposes.


Mobile planter boxes made from metal and wood are easy to move around and can be pretty affordable. Wood provides a better drainage and it’s also more resistant to the elements than metal. However, the downside of wood planters is that since they are so porous, mildew can appear if you do not take good care of the planter. If you have a plant that needs a lot of water to grow, metal and plastic make a better option, since they avoid water evaporation. But again, metal absorbs more heat, and you will have to keep on watching the plants to ensure the soil doesn’t dry out completely. To really amp up the look in your garden, choose ceramic or terra-cotta planters, which are available in a wide range of colours and styles.


Generally speaking, a right size planter is one that can hold a sufficient amount of soil for the plant and also allow room for the roots to grow. You should also be able to see more of the plant than just the planter itself. In simple words, for a planter box to be considered the right sized one for a particular plant, the plant should be about two times more visible than the actual planter.