Hunting is one of those recreational sports that you instantly connect with a rich residence in some high mountain, high monthly participation fee, a lot of men who come on weekends with guns, wide pants and caps drinking expensive wine and talking about their catch the entire time. Well, at some really rich parts of the world away from the eyes of mere mortals, that actually exists.

The main point of hunting is really knowing your target animal; when is it most active (day or night), where it goes for food, is it easy to locate it as well as does it get aggressive if it senses people around? And after you establish those few important habits of your target, you should move to the next important thing: your equipment. Hunting during the day is pretty much it; as long as you have good eye-sight you’ll be able to spot your animal. But hunting during the night is a little more complex: you can’t see clearly in the dark. That’s where one crucial hunting piece of equipment comes to place: hunting lights. Here’s what to look for to pick the right one:

A LED hunting flashlight

Of course you’ll choose a LED flashlight, it’s far more powerful and it provides better and stronger light. Opt for one of these if you want a higher level of clearness while aiming at night. Other options include HIDs (high intensity discharge bulbs) which instead of filament, use a capsule of metal vapor and coloured beams.

Led Hunting Flashlight


Besides using a LED light bulb for durability, all good hunting lights will support a lot of different accessories. These include lenses, diffusers, various types of gun mounts and other similar elements, according to the type of hunt you want to perform. In addition to the accessories, you’d also want a light that comes in several different modes, so you can choose the lighting option that best suits your hunting needs.

A good throw

Especially when it comes to night hunting, having a flashlight with a good throw is crucial. That’s because they mainly come with a narrow beam, and a narrow beam provides the best illumination possible even on very long distances, such as 30 + kilometres. In addition to good throw, a lock-out feature may come very handy when it comes to night hunting. You don’t want to scare your potential prey by accidentally turning the light on, so a lock-out proves to be very beneficial in this case.