The Right Camera Accessories to Stretch Your Photographic Imagination


Photography is something that so many people enjoy and most people make the mistake of thinking that all they need is a good camera. There are so much more things that you need to be able to take a great photo. Not only do the right accessories help you capture a better photo, but they also make carrying around your equipment a whole lot easier. There is so many great camera accessories store that will supply you will everything you need. If you are someone who has just started delving into the world of photography keep reading below to find out what accessories you will need.


1. Camera Bag

This is the first accessory that you will find you use more than anything else and while it might not seem like an essential, it most certainly is. It makes transporting your camera so much easier, not to mention you can easily put your camera away when you need to hide it from dust or rain. As you build up your collection of accessories it will make it easier to keep everything in one place. A photo backpack is great if you need to go hiking over some rough terrain, but you will need to take it off to get into the bag. Shoulder bags are nice because they give you easier access but can feel a bit heavy on one shoulder after a while. You should choose which one would work best for you.


2. Extra Lenses

While the one that came with your camera is probably good enough, in the beginning, you will feel the urge to change it after some time. Most likely you will want something that shoots wider for landscapes or interiors, or some other lenses that can do other things. This is a collection that you will certainly build over time and can really mean the difference between an okay photo and a great photo.


3. Tripod

A tripod is much more reliable than your hands, it not only holds the camera steady but you can precisely capture an angle and a sharp photo without your hands shaking. Don’t go for the cheapest one either, a little bit of wind can really wobble the whole thing and ruin your shot. You want to find a tripod that can extend to almost eye level but also lets you shoot closer to the ground. You can find great aluminium tripods that are not that expensive but they are heavy to carry, so if you plan on travelling with it go for a carbon fiber one.


4. Remote Release

This is great when you want to capture something with a longer exposure on a tripod without shaking the camera. Many different models also let you take exposure shots that are longer than thirty seconds. There are two main types of remote releases and they differ in the way they connect. The first is one that connects with a cable to the camera and the other is a wireless type. Wireless types are better for those of you who plan to work from a distance.


5. Tripod Head

This is an accessory that you put between the tripods legs and the camera. Most tripods will come with one themselves but they are also sold separately which will allow you to really control the way you shoot. They are great when you need to hold the camera at strange angles and come in handy when you want to shoot still life. If you are someone who wants to shoot landscapes, then you should opt for a three way tripod head for the best results. You can find all these accessories in a camera accessories store which you can easily look up online to find one near you.