When thinking of favourite foods, does pizza always come in first? If so, welcome to the club of Australia’s love affair with pizza. As much as we’d love to brag with this love, pizza is also the USA’s comfort food.

Or should I say rather the world’s favourite food? A bite of this divine food and it doesn’t take long to see why the whole world has gone crazy for this Italian creation. If your dream of having your own pizzeria is just as big as your appetite when hearing the word pizza itself, I’ve got some bits of advice for you.

pizza dough divider

First of all, it’s needless to point out the pizza consummation is as big as the number of pizzerias, so if you want to succeed, don’t forget to prudently choose the location (nice neighbourhood, great frequency of people passing by, not a great deal of competition around prudent sort of thing). Then, make your investments wisely! When I say this I mean getting the right pieces of equipment, like a pizza dough divider.

Yes, you read that right – this isn’t just a necessity for bakeries, given the fact your base for every pizza is dough. A stress free pizza dough divider, with a gentle rounding system, and variable speeds can save you plenty of time and effort, so you can focus on taking care of other errands. The size depends on the amount of pizzas you plan on making, and the size of your place respectively.

Likewise, you have to think of the oven. Of course, the choice of oven is closely related to the type of pizzeria it is you have set your mind to; while a restaurant could do well with a wood burning over, the grab-and-go would do better with something electric, and less time-consuming. Also, don’t forget the storage for all your ingredients.

By this, I equally refer to a refrigerator, as much as I do to shelving. It’s advisable to have everything within reach, so you don’t waste crucial productivity time on fetching all the ingredients. When investing in this equipment, it’s always better to go for something new instead of used, to ensure durability, and not having to cover unplanned, additional costs in the likes of machinery repairs.

Wanting to make this a story of success, it’s important not to be afraid to experiment with what you have to offer; nowadays, pizzeria success lies in variety, so make sure that’s what your menu offers. Sweet pizza, anyone?

Have in mind to also make it your priority to plan out a nice marketing strategy, advertise using the social networks, offer free delivery (people love it when you offer something for free!), and provide internet ordering; technology is your friend.

And, last but not least, the most important advice: Feel free to ask for customers’ opinion on what they would change, or keep the same with your pizzas to ensure you create a nice relationship with them.