Car Accessories: Change the Visual Outline of Your Ride


There are two types of drivers out there: those who have never scratched their car and those who are a bit more reckless and don’t pay much attention to such details. No matter how experienced, scratching your car or getting into a minor accident can happen even to the best of drivers and it usually occurs when you least need it. 

Minor damage to the outline of the vehicle can also result from irresponsible maneuvering by others. This is practically out of your control as a driver. Yes, we know, it was the other guy. Whatever the cause, these small dents are a great opportunity to put some extra time and effort into your car’s maintenance.  Don’t wait for the next low-speed collision to work on the visual outline of your car. 

Tail Lights

back shot of land rover on mountain

You probably want to replace the old, faded and broken tail lamps with new slick car rear lights. Start by checking the compatibility of the model you have your eyes on. This is common sense, but do note that there are drivers out there that skip this essential step. Once you’ve made sure that these aftermarket car tail lights are a good fit for the exact model of your vehicle – it’s safe to dive into their distinctive features.

Auto tail lights shouldn’t be underestimated. They are an important component of the outward chassis. Primarily serve to communicate your intentions to everyone else involved in the traffic. While the function of tail lights is fixed, their design isn’t. And this applies to their make and form. All lights used to be halogen until Xenon (1991) and LED (2000) lights entered the scene. They are much stronger and emit high-intensity light. Many drivers prefer the old ones precisely because of that.

In terms of visuals, obviously, we are all limited to red colour with reflective properties. They can be wired along with the headlights (to the same switch), but the newer models are clad with the rear tail light which is automatic. This means they start emitting light as soon as the vehicle is turned on.

Their shape can add a bit of personal touch to your vehicle. Of course, if your model is conducive to such modification. Standard ute or trailer vehicle tail lights usually consist of a box with indicator light, reverse light and back tail light. You can’t change much there. And maybe there isn’t a need to change anything as long as they facilitate safe driving in low-visibility conditions.


a 4wd vehicle going through water

You don’t have to wait until your window is out of service to replace it. If you want to alter the bland visual outline of your ride, changing the car windows is a good way to do it. Those that are into 4WDing, or simply spend a lot of time in the passenger cabin would also appreciate having car windows with a UV protection film. You can taint them and are free to alter them as long as visibility is not jeopardized.

Door Handles

4wd vehicle on offroad

You won’t notice how bad your handles are until you replace them. And if you do take such a step, go for chrome-dipped plastic. It will give a fresh and clean visual appeal to the contour of your vehicle. Don’t choose based on looks only. Take a look at the quality of the metal’s mechanism, because it affects car security. One of the things you need to look out for in this regard is the provision for locks. Some are simply meant to upgrade the dual cabin ute door and come without lock barrel. Visuals are always ruled by attention to detail but don’t forget proper functionality as well.


4wd vehicle going through rocks

There are car upgrades which can’t be perceived at first glance, same as car rear lights. Putting fenders on top of tires that extend beyond the rim of the chassis is one such example. Actually, they are meant to snugly fit the outline of the car and not to be noticeable. Except when you explicitly and deliberately want them to. In that case, you can go for mean looking fenders that will project a more rugged look. Just don’t forget – you’ll get only looks, for such aggressive outward stance won’t affect the protection your vehicle is enjoying. To put it bluntly – it’s just cosmetics. However, sometimes cosmetics is exactly what want.


close up picture of land rover's front side

Nothing speaks more about your car at first glance than your grill. The fact you can change the original factory grill placed under your front hood without affecting performance is awesome news. Especially if you want to make your car outline more unique. Their basic function is to regulate the intake of air. However, nowadays, if you see a big and mean grill, you should immediately know that it’s a statement piece and it doesn’t have any meaningful function. It sure does change the outline, even if done in a less loud and more sophisticated manner.