Firefighter Pumps: Prepare Your Property Before Bushfire Season


Australia is a wonderful country with sunshiny, pleasant weather that rarely has any rain or storms spoiling it. However, this sunny disposition prone to droughts also means that summer fires are far from rare. As we’re heading to the start of bushfire season, preparation should be on the minds of many Australians with properties in rural and suburban parts. Though it’s still technically winter, predictions say that this bushfire season will be one of the most active and have a very early start, with the first fires expected to be in the first weeks of October. In fact, the majority of the country will face an above-normal fire risk this year and homeowners must prepare now!

So, what does preparation mean? If you live extremely close to a bushfire hot spot, it’s best that you think of alternative relocation and the fastest possible getaway in the face of an unstoppable fire. Luckily, most fires are small-scale and extinguishable if authorities act fast. But sometimes you can’t afford to wait for the emergency services, and need an effective means to control the fire until the fire brigade arrives. One way to do so is by taking a look at the many firefighting pumps for sale.


Why a firefighting pump you might ask? Won’t the regular pump work? Well, during a bushfire it’s likely that the mains water pressure drops or even completely fails. If you’re planning to actively defend your property, you’ll need to have your own water supply. You can prepare an adequate defence of your home by attaching a special firefighting pump to a concrete or steel tank with a 20,000 litre capacity.

By considering solely the firefighting pumps for sale, and no other pump types, you make sure that you get all the necessary power you need. To extinguish or prevent a fire from spreading onto your property, a pump should be able to push at least 400 litres of water per minute (lpm). In comparison, a fire pump has the capacity to pump 500 lpm of water with a pressure of 1,100 kPa that is powerful enough to tackle fire. Go through the vast choice of firefighting pumps for sale and picking one according to the size and of your property.

Finally, let’s hope that you never get to use this pump for its firefighting purpose. In fact, a lack of fires doesn’t mean a fire pump is an unnecessary purchase. Don’t let the name fool you, these pumps can be used for all sorts of tasks that don’t necessarily involve fire. In fact, firefighting pumps can be used for irrigation, washing down machines, cleaning a house’s facade or any other job that requires pressurized water. Not only do you have a way to protect your property from a potential fire, but you also get a multi-functional tool to use all year round.