Here’s Why You Should Jump on the Self Watering Planter Wagon


There are a lot of reasons to start a personal home garden such as access to your own organic produce and immersing yourself in a fun and healthy activity, however, sometimes it can be challenging regarding space and time. If you live in an urban environment, a building or a house with a small yard, there are certain limits for those of you who want to partake in gardening, well, there were – up until now. With the invention of the self watering planter box, the ways of urban gardening have been relovutionized.

self watering planter box

Self watering planters are the new breakthrough of the modern era. They feature a simple design, fitted for every style and environment and are practical for use. Instead of traditional over the top watering, these planters have two containers, one for water and one for the soil and the plants. These water reservoirs automatically supply the plant with H2O that drains from smalls holes on the bottom of the soil container into the water container. They can keep plants moisturised for several days without your supervision or presence. You no longer have to worry while on a vacation or a business trip, even without your interference, your plants can get all the water and nutrients required for them to thrive.

How Can the Self Watering Planter Benefit You and Your Garden?

Saves time by doing the job for you – If you are a busy person or you like travelling, your garden can suffer. But with a planter box you simply fill the reservoir and it can go on for a week and more.

Water consumption costs – With over the pot watering you end up losing a lot of water due to drainage and this could lead to your plant still not getting enough water, but with the self watering planter box, there’s no drainage and the plant is always moist and happy.

Happy home for nutrients – With traditional planters, when you water the plant and the water escapes through the holes, so do the nutrients from the soil. But since the automatic planter keeps everything inside, it also keeps the nutrients from escaping, thus saving you the trouble of changing the soil, ever.

Regulated water intake – There are plants the need a steady, precise dosage of water in order to survive. With the self watering planter box, you will be able to set a steady, regulated amount of water for those specific needs.