Fishing Sunglasses: Buying Tips to Buy Right


Have you ever wondered what it is about fishing that men love so much? As Ovid once said: “Chance is always powerful. Let your hook always be cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish.” It might be the possibility of catching a fish and the happiness it brings or the caveman urge to hunt and provide food for the family. Whatever the reason, fishing has long been considered the favourite pastime for many men, including some women too. While cavemen had only their hands and improvised fishing sticks to rely on, fishermen nowadays are lucky to have such a plethora of fishing equipment at their disposal.


A basic fisherman kit consists of a fishing rod, reels, hooks and baits. Though you may not consider fishing apparel at first, wearing boots, appropriate pants, shirts and hats are a must. Not to even speak of the importance of special sunglasses which are often overlooked. The accent on them can be seen from the many models you will find when buying fishing sunglasses. Now, you are probably thinking why buy sunglasses for fishing when you already have sunglasses.

These are not your ordinary kind of sunglasses. Imagine nice weather, the blistering sun getting in your eyes, and just when you get the fish on your hook, it slips away because you could not see it good enough to manoeuvre the rod well. With fishing sunglasses, this kind of scenario is a thing of the past. Considering there are many types you will stumble upon, here are a few tips to ease your purchase.

The material lenses are made of makes all the difference. Best sunglasses for protecting your eyes from reflecting sun rays are those with polarised polycarbonate lenses. The special polarisation process enables them to protect from horizontal sun rays on water plus you can see well through the surface and spot the fish before you even set your hook. Mind you, the best polarised sunglasses are the ones that offer a UV protection as well, which is not the case with all of them, so for smart buying fishing sunglasses should have that property. To make use of them in a long run, you have to take care of them properly and wipe them with an adequate cloth.

Depending on the fishing, there are different lens colours. While amber and rose lenses are perfect for daylight fishing with lots of sun, yellow lenses are best suited for fishing in the evening and on cloudy days. To make the most in any situation, you can buy interchangeable lenses and change them accordingly to the weather conditions.

Since there are many face shapes, there are many models of fishing sunglasses. You have to consider your face shape and the style that would be your best fit. The better they suit your face shape, the bigger the comfort when wearing them. A word of caution, in case an accident happens, it is advisable to get yourself a neck strap as well.

If you intend on becoming a fervent fisherman (or if you already are), do not mind the price as this is an investment that does wonders for your eyesight, so save yourself the bother and do not choose regular sunglasses any street vendor might sell; choose your own pair of fishing sunglasses.