Obese Lifestyle: Gain Independence Back with Bariatric Aids and Exercise

Bariatric Mobility Aids

Though it’s a fact healthy lifestyles and healthy trends are on the rise, the sad truth is obesity is still a major issue not just globally but for Australia as well. Specifically, about two thirds of the population is either overweight or obese, and this itself is a cause for alarm.

Along with raising confidence and aesthetic issues, these conditions raise a number of health risks which aren’t to be ignored. Primarily there are cardiovascular diseases as the biggest threat, and diabetes isn’t far behind either, followed by cancer and musculoskeletal issues. Other than this, there’s also the obstacle of leading a normal independent life.


Depending on the individual, sometimes obesity can interfere with the simplest of daily tasks, like getting out of bed, going for a walk, going shopping, cleaning, cooking or maintaining personal hygiene, but luckily we live in an innovative century so there are the suitable bariatric mobility aids and additional equipment pieces to regain independence back.

Specifically designed to provide assistance, these aids are created with added capacity, so it’s XXL equipment that guarantees quality. Along with allowing obese users to stay mobile, both at home and outside, through advanced design with features such as adjustable seat, suspension system and displaying speedometer, certain pieces of bariatric equipment like the shower stool, bath lift and over toilet aid, are meant to simplify maintaining hygiene.

Additionaly, bariatric mobility aids and hygiene aside, a recliner makes a nice solution too for individuals who find it difficult to sit down or stand up. Regaining that control over your daily life is sure to help you restore your confidence and that’s what makes the equipment a wise investment.

It’s also important to stay as motivated as possible in losing weight, not strictly for the aesthetic reasons but more for the health ones. It seems easier to put on weight than to lose it however changes in the diet are a good start towards kicking fat.

It’s essential not to get discouraged and to remain persistent with the food changes. If you usually have fast food on your daily menu, then it’s high time to ditch it replacing it with healthy fruits and veggies.

Instead of frying, give cooked dishes a try, and by all means, incorporate some exercise without letting mobility prevent you from it. Leg lifts, arm stretches and rotating at the waist are just some of the many exercises you can do while sitting so let that be motivation enough.