Gazebo Shelter: Avoid Sunburn & Make the Most of Family Camping Trips


Going camping is the best way to relax. Or at least so my husband and I thought until we had kids. Suddenly, our camping trips consisted of mainly running around three kids and trying to get them to stay inside the RV from 11 am to 4 pm, when the sun rays are the harshest. That surely wasn’t my idea of relaxation. But if we let them play in the sun for too long, they quickly developed a sunburn, despite being covered in generous amounts of sunscreen.

So, after coming to terms that an umbrella is simply not enough for a family of five, I’ve decided to invest in a complete gazebo shelter. And I quickly discovered that no umbrella can beat the convenience and amount of sun protection it offers. While umbrellas can only offer a small shade, a portable gazebo shelter can cover a much wider area in which your kids can play comfortably shielded from the sun. For 100% protection, make sure to pick one that’s UV resistant as well as waterproof if you don’t want your trip to be spoiled by rain.

Additionally, many gazebo shelters often come with attachable walls which allows you to use them as an additional outdoor room. How convenient for large families that a single RV cannot simply fit! Under a gazebo, you’ll have plenty of space for various activities. You can cook up a delicious meal or simply relax while your children play.

Plus, the walls can allow you to have some privacy. As you won’t be always lucky to find a secluded area, often you may have to deal with noisy and curious camp neighbours. By simply attaching the walls to your gazebo, you can enjoy privacy and peace like there isn’t anyone there. However, most of the time you’ll obviously want to have the walls down to let in some fresh air. In that case, my advice is to look for a gazebo shelter that also comes with an additional mesh panel. This way you can detach the walls, but there still be a protective cover that prevents bugs and other critters from invading your space.

As you can see, there’s so much potential a portable gazebo shelter can bring to your camping trips. You can increase your camping space, you can shield yourself and your family from the sun or bad weather, and you can enjoy increased privacy. In other words, you’ll get to create a more homely experience while still reaping all the benefits of being out in nature.