Here’s Why You Should Consider to Hire Rather Than Purchase Camera Equipment


Most people who just got out of filming college have no idea how to start their photography career without having to spend thousands of dollars on all the equipment that’s required to make proper shots and get decent deals to shoot weddings, do professional photo sessions and whatnot. I’ve talked to many just-out-of-college young adults in the photography industry in Melbourne and most of them, if not all, resort or used to resort to hiring camera equipment before they could actually afford their own.

After further research and visiting a few camera shops, it is indeed camera equipment hire Melbourne photographers resort to the most. The reasons behind this are various, most notably – it’s a cost effective solution and the only alternative to making a huge investment up front. So in this article, I’ll elaborate on a few reasons why you should rent camera equipment and maybe you too will be convinced by one of these reasons.

High End Gear at Affordable Prices

You will be able to get lens for occasions such as portrait photos, modeling or weddings which cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for a much affordable price. If you think about it, you will be able to rent it out a few dozen times before it actually reaches the buy price. And you might need it just three of four times a year. Also having access to high quality cameras for special occasions won’t cost you more than approximately 70 dollars a day.

Try Before You Buy

Paying 50-60$ for renting a camera for a week, along with some lens and flashlights to see if it’s the right set of gear for you is nothing compared to paying thousands of dollars for the same camera and deciding it’s not for you. With the large range of cameras and gear available you might change your mind just a week after you have bought your brand new camera that you could have landed a better deal.

Backup Equipment

If you’re shooting an important event you need to have back up gear in case of an equipment failure. Getting that back up equipment won’t cost you much, and it’s a pretty cheap insurance to make sure you have all the gear you need in a worst case scenario.

Renting equipment has become much more popular lately thanks to the rental shops that make the experience very convenient. Most people realize the cost savings of a camera equipment hire Melbourne wide instead of buying all the equipment. I highly recommend that you rent some gear before you decide to buy it in order to see if it does what you need it to do.