How to Give Some Character to Your Modern Living Room and Make It Look Vintage


Vintage Modern is a style that encompasses a wide range of interior designs. The clean lines of modern pieces fused with items that bring character and personality to each room of your home is a timeless combination. A weekend trip to flea markets, estate sales, and consignment stores is an excellent opportunity to find vintage gems that work well in your modern living room. There are many possibilities available online for finding the ideal components to create this distinct eclectic look. Here are a few simple ways for achieving that!

Decorative Vintage Cushions

Vintage linen cushions

The decorative vintage cushion is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to add a pop of colour to your home’s decor. It can help to bring a theme together by introducing specific colours. When it comes to the material, we suggest you buy high-quality vintage linen cushions and stop worrying whether they will lose their appeal after a few weeks.

There is no such thing as too many cushions, and they should not be limited to the couch. Consider having some floor cushions for relaxing with the kids or placing them on a stool or chair. Rotate them for a variety of vintage looks to keep things interesting. If you’re a frequent dinner party host, make sure your guests are comfortable by placing a vintage cushion in each chair to complement your living room’s modern vintage style.

Table+Chair Combo

Vintage modern syle mix of old and new

One simple approach to introducing the vintage modern style into the living room is to mix the style of your table and chair style. Whether the mix will be vintage chairs and modern tables or vice versa, the result is a powerful combination of the old and new!

Moreover, the clean design of modern decor can soften the antique ornate wooden items with old style handles. Bring the two even closer by using black and white photography to create photos from different eras. Materials like wood and metal interact naturally in industrial-inspired pieces, creating the perfect balance of old and new. Use big white wire chairs and an attractive vintage wooden small table, add some oil paintings and an old oar, and make a vintage match in heaven.

A Statement Lighting

Crystal chandeliers in living room

Lighting is the most practical and fashionable addition to any living space. Although there are different types of lighting to fit different styles, retro pendants and floor lamps are ideal for creating a vintage-modern environment. Art deco sconces, antique crystal chandeliers, and industrial cone pendants in a modern living room can create an interesting form and finish. Consider adding a glass lighting fixture to your space if you have a lot of metallic goods. On the other hand, metal or rustic mirrored lighting alternatives could provide a little shine to a place with many wood furnishings.

The Power of Small Assets

An old clock in modern living room

Accent décor elements are perhaps the simplest way to add a touch of vintage to a modern area. This is where family heirlooms and treasures discovered in your local thrift store come in handy. An old clock, vintage LPs, and knickknacks that amuse you will perfectly fit the bookshelves of your modern living room. In addition, more prominent accents, such as old luggage or trunks, can serve as both aesthetic and functional furniture. Match your historical objects to your modern space’s colour palette for additional synchronisation.

Nautical Elements for Vintage Seaside Feel

White elements in the living room

Give your space the vintage seaside character by adding a ton of white elements in the living room to make it look airy and fresh. Consider blue, green, and brown hues to keep the ocean theme going while being understated. Combine an antique chest that doubles as a coffee table with a plush blue sofa. Use overstuffed pillows to make the sofa even more intimidating. Maritime elements such as the hurricane glass candle holder, vintage boat oars, antique buoys, and seagrass can do a great job when incorporating the seaside vintage vibe!

The Timeless White Hutch

The antique white hutch can be ideal for mixing the two popular styles: a modern farmhouse and rustic. The timeless hutch is the perfect design element for a vintage living room makeover. The top half can function as a display for amusing antique treasures, and the bottom half can work as covered storage. You can incorporate the southwestern touch by adding some terracotta pots and patchwork leather boxes that can be both decorative and functional.

Romantic Country Accent Table

The French country table

Many vintage modern room styles feature an accent table, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a simple way to add some flair and design to your space without taking up a lot of room. The French country table uses various types of wood to achieve a rustic feel. For instance, rough wooden picture frames with a bold black frame are ideal for displaying your loved ones. A woven ball and candleholder provide a nice touch, and a distressed wooden clock, when placed against the wall rather than hanging, will complete the vintage French decor.

Stunning Grandfather Clock

The grandfather clock is an ultimate antique collector’s item that instantly lends your living area a timeless vibe. You can refurbish and repaint it in vintage emerald green with gold accents to complement your gold walls. One of the greatest benefits when having a grandfather clock around the house is its flexibility to fit everywhere- in the corner next to the kitchen door, in the hallway or in your living room next to the couch.

Versatile Sofa

Neutral sofa

Sometimes all you want is a statement piece of furniture. But, you already have several statement pieces, so you look for something a little more subtle to blend in. In such cases, a neutral sofa can be the solution! It can function as a barrier between the kitchen and the living area and goes well with any colour scheme. To create a southwestern retro vibe, use rich brown features, such as the leather pouffe and flora. Create a genuine focal point by adding a stunning tribal rug to tie the space together.