How to Pick the Best Uniform Design for Your Business

logo on shirts

When starting a business, one of the more important things to consider is the look of your staff and what message it is to convey. For example, if you want to attract high-end customers, having your staff wear some plain T-shirts isn’t going to work. Every little detail is going to matter: from the cut to the colour and the logo on shirts too.

Before you make a final decision regarding style, there are a few designs to consider. If you want your employees to look crisp and clean, waistcoats and pants are a great idea since they give out a high-end look and can in turn attract the same type of customers. On the other hand, if you are running a casual cafe, my suggestion for you would be to go with a restaurant look, but a bit more laid back – a mix that can give your employees a casual and neat look. If you find yourself wanting to bridge the gap between a professional and casual look, consider polo shirts. They are ideal for urban venues.

Once you’ve decided on your uniform’s style, the next challenge will be to decide on the right colour(s) that will represent your business. The colour is as important as the design and fabric because these factors work together in a rather inseparable manner. Many people associate colours with different feelings – for example, blue and green are often associated with caring and calm environments. Also, make sure the logo on shirts matches the design, especially if it’s large.

Other important factor is the material used for the uniforms, depending on where your employees work. For example, if your staff is working in a restaurant, the materials should reflect that purpose. All staff members will appreciate clothes that allow their skin to breathe easily in a hot, busy restaurant environment. Avoid clingy materials that are uncomfortable for the wearers and unsightly to customers. Workwear should be comfortable, well fitting and easy to clean.

Staff appearance is a factor that will have an important impact on your business’ image, so make sure to get it right from the start. Your employees are sure to appreciate the comfortable clothing you provide and wear it proudly, and your customers will be happy with your consistency in taste mirrored in the entirety your business.