List of Accessories That Will Make Your Cat Happy

cat playing in the house

More than any other animal, cats want to spend time alone, staring with a philosophical look through the window, looking at a door, or doing any other completely inexplicable thing, but just like any other pet, your cat will love spending time with you – playing with you, purring in your lap, walking in front of your computer screen, etc.

If you’re just starting the incredible trip of living with a cat, welcome to this amazing world, and enjoy the ride!

Every pet has their needs, so if you are new to this, you should know the necessary things for their care, as well as the optional stuff you can order for them for pure happiness. There are many options for cat products online. And just like with any other online purchase, try to find out as much as you can about the seller and the product before ordering.

It’s not hard to choose what to buy for your pets. With some cat things it’s pretty straightforward, and with the rest, it’s pretty fun. If you are a new pet owner, or encountering a new situation, you need to inform yourself about their needs beforehand. On the other hand, if you already have a cat and want to treat her to some new useful or entertaining stuff, just think about everything she enjoys doing.

cat with toothbrush

Hygiene and Health

The first thing you need to get before bringing a cat home, especially if you plan on keeping her indoor, or part-time indoor, part-time outdoor, is a litter box and a litter scooper. Next comes food, medicine and any other cat products you need and want.

Cats require a lot of care, even if they are the most independent pet. When it comes to their health, it’s really important for you to have a good veterinarian, so that you know everything about keeping them healthy. However, there are some basic things you should buy, such as medicine to protect them from heartworms and fleas.

Cats like to interact with the outside world, they like to play outside, to chase a butterfly, to climb a tree etc. Outside activities keep them happy and healthy. If you have an indoor cat, they could benefit from taking regular walks.

If you decide that you don’t want your indoor cat to spend all the time closed at home, you should invest in a harness and a leash  and get active with your kitty.

For Your Cat’s Eating Time

Choose quality water and food bowls, since your pet is going to use them for a long time. Just like you, your cat has to get good nutrients regularly. If you go of the house often, one of the smartest things for cats you can get is food dispenser. This way you won’t have to worry if your pet is hungry, and you will keep them very happy.

cat eating from food bowl

For Your Cat’s Sleepy Time

One of the first things you should buy your feline friend is a nice-looking cat bad. They come in many shapes and styles, and your cat will get used to it in no time, since they love to have their own spaces. This will also keep your sofa, armchair or bad hair-free, or at least with less amount of hair.

Though a healthy, happy cat shouldn’t need crating, there are some situations in which it may be required. If you are still training your kitten to use its litter box, in case it’s injured, if you have to administer a medicine, buying a crate or cage might be beneficial for you.

Cages and crates come in different sizes. Big cages are great for cats that live outdoors in a garden or a yard. Cat’s love getting some peace and quiet, so even an indoor cat will love a bigger opened cage or crate, as it can be like its personal space. You can add a comfy bed in it, a litter box, bowls for food and water, and toys, ladders, ramps etc.

For Your Cat’s Playtime

Your furry little pal is probably already very joyful in her home, having you as a companion, and anything you own can become their toy. This is entertaining and funny, but there is a great risk that some of your favourite things may end up ruined forever.

Cats are hunters and they are playful creatures. Anyone who has ever lived with a cat, has had many laughs with all the mishaps, due to their naughtiness, their urge to see and investigate everything and their strong persistency. You’ve already witnessed many of the ridicules places where they enter, and have probably taken endless number of pictures of their crazy positions and grimaces. Even if it’s your first cat, you’ve most likely seen photos of cats hiding in a box, wearing a bag on their heads, walking behind the TV set, or sleeping inside a closet etc.

cat playing in the house

Besides hunting anything that moves (when they feel like it), cats enjoy scratching, not only to sharpen their nails, but also as a way to mark their territory. Furthermore, scratching some textures gives them pleasure, so it can be really hard to protect all your furniture from your furry pal’s cute paws. So, the first must-have toy for cats should be a cat thing that provides them the pleasure of scratching, letting them get that much wanted pedicure, while protecting your human things. There are poles, boards, and other toys for this purpose.

There aren’t many things cuter than a cat playing with a ball. It’s one of the best cat toys. Another option is a ball yarn. It’s a cliché for a reason, it’s round (which will provide your cat the pleasure of hunting) and it comes with a “tail” (which will make for more playing opportunities and an even more entertaining show).

Felines are climbers, and your indoor cat is going to reach everything you have at home. If you don’t like to have your cat climbing your shelves and closets, consider buying or building a leader, or some other climbing thing.

When buying cat products online, you’ll notice that there are endless choices for you and your kitty’s play time: interactive toys, tunnels, boxes designed especially for cats, and the list goes on and on. Buy your cat stuff you think will make her happy, and enjoy the fun.