In Times of Outfit Doubt… Always Rely on Accessories


Your closet’s full of clothes but you still feel like you have nothing to wear? Oh, the struggle. Us women are a whole other kind of human beings – invincible in all we do but still so helpless and on the verge of a breakdown if we don’t know what to wear for a certain occasion. The irony! There certainly comes a time when a woman feels her wardrobe could definitely undergo a makeover, be it in the shirts, jeans, pants, jackets or shoes department, or better yet, the entire closet. Yay! The problem exacerbates with all the trends coming and going – one month one colour has the lead, the next one it’s completely another. And yes, things can get pretty confusing if you decide to make most trends part of your style, as this would only turn you into a fashion slave which frankly, shows no character and style.

Besides, let’s be honest, catching up with every trend that appears isn’t always possible unless you’re extremely rich and have all the space at home to properly store every new piece you purchase. If you want to spark some change in the way you look, the secret isn’t in getting all the clothes you see taking the world by storm, but rather in the details. It’s no surprise many notable designers, Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld among them, place importance on accessories and the world today abounds in trendy women accessories. You needn’t even ask why because it’s obvious – they can help you turn any outfit looking as if a completely new one!


If you don’t believe it, just include a necklace, sunglasses, an out-of-this-world bag, gloves, shawl or any other trendy women accessories and you’d be amazed by the result. Instead of having the same old, you’d get a refreshed outfit without even breaking the bank. For instance, you probably have pieces of clothing you hold dear to your heart, but you’ve worn them so much that you feel you should toss them out already. Fear not, you can bring back the spark of old combinations by adding a few accessories in the outfit game. That pair of jeans you so love can look perfectly well with flats for your daily strolls, and more chic with stilettos for your date nights, altogether with a stylish watch and some nice jewellery.

Accessories can really save you when you’re stuck in a rut with your wardrobe. That plain dress you bought on a whim but don’t like anymore, can easily become much more appealing when you match it with a unique bag, a bracelet and some exquisite belt. And oh, don’t underestimate the power of earrings and hair accessories. Last but not least, you already have the most important accessory – your smile, so make sure you wear it anytime. A frown can ruin even the best of outfits.