The Ways of Playful Elegance: Special Emphasis on Accessories


When I was a little girl, I used to hear people repeat the phrase “every person has their own unique style” and wondered why is it then that almost everyone dresses somewhat similarly… Why are some things off the limits and others are widely acceptable? As you may have already guessed, I use to look like a clown when my mum would let me come up with my own combos and pick my own clothing pieces and accessories. However, as time went by, I realized that all of these rules make sense, both from a practical and aesthetic standpoint.

Years went by and I got my first job which made me fully understand the need to blend in, but I wasn’t quite content with that notion since it felt like losing my authenticity (or eccentricity, as my parents would put it). This is the time when I started building my wardrobe carefully, buying mostly plain, comfortable and high-quality pieces. This didn’t feel like settling because I always tend to prioritize comfort and don’t want to spend too much time figuring out how to make an outfit work.

clutches for women
Source: DHgate

Today, I am pleased to say that most of my outfits match thanks to following the minimalist approach for wardrobe essentials for years now. However, the part of me that wants to communicate playfulness is still here. Only now, I do it in a more sophisticated way. Like for example, I always liked clutches for women because it’s an accessory with an attitude. You can say so much with it just by the way you hold it! They look so cool casually nestled under the armpit, giving off a kind of “I’m stylish and I know it, but I don’t obsess over anything” vibe.

However, since I used to mainly view them as evening bags, choosing a clutch bag I’d like to wear on a more regular basis was quite tricky. 90% of them are overly elegant and the rest are just way too bold to match my current style. I even had my doubt whether are clutch bags in style (not that it’d influence my decision) but it turns out they are very much in right now. So, after thorough research, I came by woven clutches for womens. I chose one with a swingy tassel top since that gives it a breath of uniqueness that’s not in-your-face. A boho touch of playfulness fused with simple elegance.

clutches bag black
Source: Johnkart

I rely on a similar trick when it comes to scarves too. Oh, scarfs are a must if you want to rotate your simple grey, white and black dresses with an added cheer – this goes especially for those like me who have decided to stick to a wardrobe capsule. Since I don’t tend to match more than two to three colours regarding my outfits (usually two actually) I use scarves to add a pop of colour. That is not to say that I wear neon colours or too colourful ones. Printed cotton scarfs are my favourite pick since they are soft, comfortable and eye-catching.

During autumn and winter though, it’s my two plaid scarves that get the spotlight. The key to choosing plaid scarves that don’t miss the mark too much when it comes to elegance is to stick to ones that feature some of the royal colours (burgundy, navy blue, deep green) on a neutral base.

clutch and hat fashion
Source: Think-Feel-Discover Fashion

Next, hats. Hats are the best style game-changers, period. I must admit, they give me a rush of confidence and I look forward to catching a glimpse of myself in mirrors or glass. I own a grey classic fedora, a cream wide brim fedora, berets in several bolder colours and a black schoolboy hat. With the exclusion of the schoolboy hat, all of these are both playful and elegant at the same time.

Lastly, necklaces. I wear nothing else but forged silver necklaces that are custom made with symbols that show my love for the TV series Vikings.

Wearing elegant, yet playful accessories has helped me find a middle ground, my best of both worlds. My lively personality lurks through, but like a daring, yet classy perfume, one you’d smell only if you get close enough to the person.