A List of Things to Make Your Home Dog-Friendly


If you have just adopted a dog and want to make him feel at home and help him get used to living with you, you’ll have to make some changes to make your home more dog-friendly. In addition, doing these adjustments can also help you cut down your cleaning chores after your dog makes a mess, so it’s win-win for both of you.

A Place of Its Own

Apart from the basic requirements such as food and water bowls, a leash and a collar with ID tag, you can’t consider your mission complete unless you provide your dog with a place of its own in the form of a bed.

Depending on the breed, you have the chance to choose from a wide range of small and large dog beds, but if you ask me, I prefer the large ones regardless of the dog’s size because they provide more comfort.

Large Dog Bed
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There are also various options when it comes to the fabrics, the trend nowadays being organic blends like for instance organic cotton and Australian wool, as well as handy features like anti-allergy casing and breathable and thermo-regulating properties. What’s important to remember after you make the purchase is to follow the care instructions if you want to ensure a healthy environment for you and your pet.

For anyone wondering why it’s advisable to get a dog bed, think of it this way: when your dog needs some time alone to relax, he won’t have to use your couch or your bed, and it would be his safe haven when guests are around and he wants to be away from the crowd. For this reason, it’s equally wise to invest in a crate too, which can comes in very handy when doing home training as well.

Protects the Flooring

Dog With Mud
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Just like any other dog, your Fido might enjoy playing in the mud when you take him out for a walk. However, the last thing you want to see is your precious floor covered in dirt or scratches. This is why it’s necessary to protect the floor. One option is to make sure your dog remains in an area where the floor is easy to clean (where you got tiles). Or you can cover a designated are with an old rug you don’t care about and wash it often. It is advisable to avoid large carpets if you have a dog as they are harder to clean. Stick to rugs instead as they can be cleaned easily and more often.

Forget about White

White colour and dog mess simply don’t go together, no matter how well behaved your dog might be. To avoid stress or getting cold feet regarding the adoption, replace the white with some neutral hues, at least when it comes to the upholstery of your furniture.

Keep Danger Away

Dog Want to Eat Chocolate
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Much lke cats, dogs are curious creatures and there might be times when you’d think they’re really asking for trouble playing with something they shouldn’t, which is why it’s a necessity to keep away any items that pose danger. For start, to prevent them from eating something they’re not supposed to, never leave food within their reach, especially not sweets since chocolate and sugar can be fatal for them.

When it comes to beds, regardless of whether you go for small, medium or large dog beds, it’s best to choose one that doesn’t have any ornaments in the likes of buttons since they pose a threat too – a plain and simple design is the better choice. Moreover, in the eyes of a dog, anything can become a toy, including wires and cables, so avoid any accidents and injuries by hiding them away with the help of furniture pieces and getting cord wraps.

Last but not least, be careful regarding the plants you have in your home. Just because some are really pretty to look at and have around, doesn’t mean they’re pet-friendly, so before you decide to bring one to help with your décor, make sure it’s not toxic for your pup.