Listing the Motorcycle Parts That Can Upgrade Your Riding Experience


In the ever-evolving world of today, there is a vast array of accessories that can greatly improve the performance of your motorcycle. While some of them exist to improve its aesthetics, there are many parts that can make your riding experience much more enjoyable. Of course, there are parts that are really expensive but, today, we’ll have a look at the motorcycle parts and accessories that are on the lower end of the price spectrum, so you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune on improving your ride.



Grips are easy to install and can make your bike look more customized. The price will depend on the type of grip you get and the number of features it has. As one of the most underrated motorcycle parts, grips can improve the steering of your bike and eliminate vibrations to provide you with more comfort during long rides. Some more advanced models of grips have heating.

Turn Signals (Indicators)

Stock turn signals make the meanest bike look a bit silly as they protrude to the sides to a noticeable extent. They sure affect the aesthetics of the bike, and to put that to good use you should mount LED or Flush turn signals – these type of signals do not stick out but rather stay inside the shell of the bike which looks 10x better. Another benefit of flush turn signals is that they are brighter than your regular turn lights and won’t damage the bike in case it falls.


Similar to grips, handlebars are pretty easy to install and they allow you to have better handling of the bike. They are one of the cheapest motorcycle parts because of their simple design and function – technically you are buying a metal bar. There’s a lot of space for customization here as there are handlebars with different style curves and ones that clip on your existing handlebar.

Rim Tape

The Rim tape is not only a great aesthetic addition, but it also improves your visibility, especially at night, thanks to the reflective top layer. With this simple solution being applied on the rim of your wheel, (as the name suggests) you’ll drive rest assured that you are easily noticeable even in low visibility conditions, and you can even get one that matches the accent colour of your bike. Just be sure that your rim is clean from oil and dirt before you apply it.


Again, stock motorcycle parts are there to serve a purpose and do not make for aesthetically pleasing accessories as much. But a new pair of mirrors is a great upgrade that can change the look of your bike without losing any of its function. Some newer models are able to fit either end of your handlebars and can be as small as 5 cm.