A List of Reasons You’re Going to Love Laminate Flooring


Every successful design scheme starts with a carefully selected base to build upon – the flooring. And today’s homeowner has the luxury to choose between a wide selection of flooring materials. Of course, hardwood floors have been the favourite for many years now. However, nowadays, with laminate looking more visually attractive and performing better than ever, many budget-conscious homeowners have started to look into the benefits it packs. Here’s a list of reasons why everyone loves laminate flooring.

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A Variety of Looks

As opposed to hardwood and engineered wood floors, laminate comes at a really attractive price. But being a more affordable option, doesn’t necessarily mean that laminate looks cheap. When properly manufactured, it can realistically imitate the look of hardwood at only a fraction of the price. In fact, it can be made to look like nearly anything including ceramic tile or slate. Whether you’re planning to visit retail stores or shop online laminate flooring comes in an array of colours suitable for all kinds of interiors.

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Extremely Durable

Most people think of laminate as a flimsy product with a short life span. But in reality, laminate can prove to be more lasting than any other flooring under certain conditions. For instance, in humid areas, such as the kitchen and the bathroom, laminate is not prone to warping, unlike wood. Wood is known to lose its colour over time due to sun exposure, which is not the case with laminate. Compared to ceramic tiles, which are prone to scratches, laminate has an outer layer designed to be scratch resistant making it ideal for high traffic areas. From high heals to dog paws, a laminate floor will withstand every hit and remain as beautiful as when you first installed it.

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Easy to Install and Maintain

From purchasing online laminate flooring to installing it – you can do it all in a single day, and all by yourself. The way laminate boards are designed allows them to snap together like a puzzle, without needing to be nailed, glued, or stapled. And if tightly installed, laminate can be the easiest floor material to take care of. Its sleek and connected design leaves no room for cracks to gather dust, dirt, and other debris. Plus, it does not require any special treatments, such as waxing or polishing, like wood does. All you need to do is regularly clean it with a few swift wipes with a damp cloth or mop, and it will be shining as new.